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His Neighbor Reported A Small Infraction That Cost Him Big, So When The Neighbor’s New Fence Violated City Code “Someone” Reported It

by Trisha Leigh

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We’re all going to have to deal with neighbors at some point in our lives.

Ok, maybe not everyone, but the vast majority of us.

But this guy really had to deal with it… but got revenge in the end.

Take a look.

When 6 inches costs hundred dollars worth of lumber.

So my neighbor and I live next to a light industrial area. Plumbers, electricians and painters.

Good businesses, no problems with them. In fact having a plumber nearby has been great.

One day, after he installed a shed on his property, the neighbor called in a violation and had to move it 6 inches further onto his property.

So I put up a small shed to store my lawn mower and tools near our property line.

Fussy neighbor calls the county because it is too close to the property line and the county comes out and makes me move it 6″.

I wasn’t 6″ over the property line. The regs say the structure has to be 5′ from the property line.

My shed was something like 4′ 6″ from the property line.

Not a huge deal, my mistake but it was a pain.

So, when his neighbor installed a privacy fence that was two feet taller than allowed, “someone” reported that, too.

Fast forward 1 year and the neighbor build a new fence 8′ tall to block his view of the industrial park.

Good idea, but the county says the max is 6′ and you need a permit to do so.

Came home to him sawing off 2′ along a 30′ fence.

I wonder how the county found out about this major infraction?


Reddit loves a good neighbor tale, right?

Yeah, maybe it was one of those guys.

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You reap what you sow and all of that.

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Seriously, mind ya business!

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Some folks have to learn the hard way.

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You’ve gotta hit them where it hurts.

And that’s almost always in the pocketbook.

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