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His Roommate Kept Leaving Their Door Unlocked, So He Taught Him A Lesson By Taking Everything Out Of Their Dorm Room

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/pxhere/@Roman Boed

You learn quite a lot about life when you move out of your parents’ house and start living with people your own age…

And a lot of it isn’t good!

So sometimes you have to take things into your own hands and show people how to behave like adults when they still think they’re living under mommy and daddy’s roof.

Check out what happened in this story from Reddit!

Dorm room shenanigans.

“I lived in a dorm my freshman year in college.

This story involves a pair of roommates who lived down the hall from me – we’ll call them Adam and Will. Adam was a bit of a bully, and Will was a frequent target.

Unfortunately, Will had the disturbing habit of leaving their dorm room unlocked when he left (you had to actively lock the door from the outside with your key).

Here it comes…

Well, as you can imagine, this annoyed Adam quite a bit, and would trigger some physical bullying. After one incident too many, Adam decided to teach Will a lesson, and upon finding the door unlocked, removed Will’s prized stereo from the room.

Will returns, finds the stereo gone, and raises hell. After a time, Adam reveals the stereo is in a neighbor’s room. Will complains to the RA. RA reads Adam the riot act, and tells him not to touch the stereo again.

Did Will learn his lesson? No.

He leaves the door unlocked again.

Cue the Malicious Compliance.

This must’ve been great to witness.

Adam enlists some compatriots, and they proceed to remove every bit of Will’s furniture and possessions from the room – except the stereo.

Desk, bed, dresser – all gone, Just the stereo remained. Again the complaint to the RA, who confronts Adam. “But I didn’t touch his stereo”.”

Will finally did get better at locking the door.”

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Nicely done…

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