May 21, 2024 at 7:52 pm

HOA Demanded Their Christmas Decorations Have A “Theme,” But They Were Not Prepared For “Christmas In Paradise”

by Trisha Leigh

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Listen, there are certainly some holiday decorations that people put out that raise eyebrows – but I think that’s the point.

And as long as it makes the homeowner happy, though, more power to them, right?

Christmas Decorating and an HOA

This person’s HOA forbade pink flamingos on the lawn and insisted holiday decorations have a theme.

My friend lives in a homeowner’s association and they have a very strict rule on lawn ornaments and decorating.

They have banned pink flamingos on their own, this is important later, and for Christmas they require the house to have a theme.

So, his friend suggested a “Christmas in Paradise” theme and surprisingly, the HOA agreed.

My friend was looking for a way to screw with them and I found it for him in the Bahamas.

The theme he chose was Christmas in Paradise, he sold it to the association by saying it would be bright colors to off-set the dreary winter we were having.

They enthusiastically approved it, they had no idea.

They probably would not have, had they been able to see into the future.

He found some plastic palm trees, borrowed nine of a friend’s pink flamingos and built a sled for Santa.

The flamingos had reindeer antlers and the one in front had a red nose stuck on. It looked something like this. The reigns for his flamingos were lights not bells.

He also had lights on the house and fake palms and a sign that said Christmas in Paradise.

The HOA couldn’t do anything because I had found a painting in the Bahamas that inspired the whole set up and bought it for the friend with the flamingo collection and it fit in with his theme.

I bet Reddit thinks this would have been one beautiful holiday.

It’s a numbers game.

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Avoid if at all possible.

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Some folks would have loved to see it.

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Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

Does it, though?

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

This person sounds like they would make a great friend.

And you can never have too many of those.

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