May 15, 2024 at 5:31 pm

Horrible Date Steals The Mug She Made On Their First Date, But The Pottery Painting Employee Helps Her Track It Down

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@nat_alie_curtis

Sometimes you need a few dates to know if someone is right for a relationship, but it usually only takes one date to know someone isn’t!

Now if you find yourself in the latter situation, there’s two options before you. Sit the date out like an adult, or hope that the bathroom has a window you can crawl out of!

And as egregious as jumping ship on your poor date is, there’s many stunts someone could pull that would be a whole lot worse: taking silverware, leaving you with the check, etc.

But when TikTok user @nat_alie_curtis went on a first date at a pottery painting place, her date hit a new low when he actually stole the mug that she had made on the date, and blocked her!

Check it out!

Source: TikTok/@nat_alie_curtis

Her video starts right in the middle of the drama, as Natalie tries to get to the bottom of who stole her mug!

The prime suspect? Her date to the pottery painting place!

“Like do you think he just stole my mug and its just sitting in his cupboard?”

Now I need to know how bad the date was that he felt he needed to steal the mug she worked so hard on!

Source: TikTok/@nat_alie_curtis

But in the hilarious twist we all needed, the pottery place was choosing sides, and it’s no surprise they took Natalie’s!

“Okay, if it is there, should I take his thing too?…. You would let me have it?!…. I’m obsessed with you!”

And when the pottery place employee heard he had unmatched her on top of everything else, she really decided to help Nat out!

“You’re going to cause he unmatched me? Would you guys give it to me?”

Source: TikTok/@nat_alie_curtis

And what makes this all even better is she was plotting her revenge while she enjoyed some delicious looking fries! Talk about a perfect afternoon!

“Like that’s crazy he did that. Can we ban him from the store? You have my heart!”

And while Natalie’s mug was unfortunately still MIA at the end of the whole ordeal, it’s good to know that the pottery place has her back if he ever shows his face there again!

Check out her video for yourself!


He was a nice boy but i just want my damn mug

♬ original sound – Natalie Curtis

TikTok loved Natalie’s quest to get the mug back, with some people wondering if this man was a serial mug stealer…

Source: TikTok/@nat_alie_curtis

Others were only interested to see if Natalie actually ever got the mug back!

Source: TikTok/@nat_alie_curtis

Many people loved how it seemed like Natalie was talking to one of her oldest friends.

Source: TikTok/@nat_alie_curtis

And I think we all can agree Mug Man missed out on the relationship of his life!

Source: TikTok/@nat_alie_curtis

Finally, this user was reminded of a time where they actually did get their ex banned from their favorite Mexican place!

Source: TikTok/@nat_alie_curtis

If it were me, I’d be going on a recovery mission for that mug.

I’m finding his apartment and climbing through the window!

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