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Husband Volunteers For The HOA Board And Gets A Rebate On The Fees. Now His Wife Is Demanding She Get Half Of The Money, But He Says No Because She’s Not Putting In The Work.

by Trisha Leigh

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Listen, HOAs don’t get much (if any) love around Reddit.

But what happens when somebody who’s actually on the board of one of these evil orgs complains?

Will people be sympathetic?

Let’s find out.

AITA I don’t want to split the rebate I receive from being on the Board of Director’s of my HOA with my wife

Wife and I own a home in an HOA. We split the mortgage and HOA fee 50/50.

Recently a vacancy opened up on the Board of Directors and I applied for it and was chosen to serve.

As compensation, the HOA fee ($400) is waived for our unit.

He thinks he should get $400 extra dollars and his wife should get nothing.

My wife wants to split this windfall 50/50.

I feel since I’m on the Board and do all the work, the $400 should be all mine.

She says that’s not fair, because it’s like she’s just paying him $200.

She thinks if I keep the $400 it’s tantamount to her paying me $200 since our overall housing costs have dropped $400 but she doesn’t benefit financially.

This has caused some of our worst fighting and I am leaning towards just giving in and splitting the money even though I do all the work.


Reddit, do your thing!

The top comment says his position is bizarre.

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This person says this story fits the HOA theme.

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Why does everything have to be transactional?

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It’s not a good look.

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What about family?

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I love how this guy really thinks he has a point.

His wife is going to be gratified by these comments, I’m sure.

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