May 29, 2024 at 7:52 am

Inconsiderate Travelers Steal Woman’s Seat On A Vacation, So She Steals It Right Back And Doesn’t Feel Bad About It At All

by Ryan McCarthy

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We, as a society, need to start making sure everyone understands the rules of public seating.

And nothing, and I mean nothing, is more unforgivable than seat stealing.

If I get up to throw something out and all of my stuff is on the chair, you’re really gonna move it all and take my chair?

This user fought back when people moved her stuff to steal her seat on a vacation shuttle, and even gave them a satisfying taste of their own medicine!

Check it out!

Stealing back a seat

Ok so I’m currently on vacation in Mexico. Yesterday I went on a day trip and my hotel was the first one picked up.

So I grabbed the back seat since no else had wanted it (I chose my seat last) and stretched out.

We stop at a second hotel and wait 20 minutes for people who never showed up.

After waiting the excursion continued on.

But at the next stop, she felt nature’s call!

The next stop is the main office for the company to pick up the tour guide and for a bathroom break.

At this stop I leave my stuff on the seat and go to the bathroom.

When I get back to bus the three people we had waited for had shown up.

Two of them had also decided to move my stuff and steal my seat.

Turns out they hadn’t just stolen her seat, they’d taken up an entirely different seat with their bags!

In addition to stealing my seat they had also put their backpacks on the seat in front them, claiming that one as well. I was ticked off.

I grab my stuff that they had moved and find another seat.

We go about the day and have a wonderful excursion.

The last stop was for lunch at a beach club.

And when the guide said they’d need to switch buses, she saw the chance to get her revenge!

Before getting off the bus the guide told us to take our stuff. The bus had gotten full of sand and it was being exchanged for a clean one.

At this point no one now has a seat on the bus. Everything is up for grabs.

So what do I do? I grab my original seat!

The lady who had moved my stuff gets back on the bus and comes to the back and looks at me.

She says there is not enough room for three people.

Unfortunately, she was feeling less than generous after getting her seat swiped!

I look at her and shrugged my shoulders. Off she goes another seat.

Was I petty AF? YES I was and I regret nothing.

Don’t you hate when other people treat you the same way you treated them?

Reddit loved seeing OP come back with the same energy they had given to her, with this user sympathizing completely.Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

And this user said if her bag couldn’t save her seat, then theirs couldn’t hold any seats either…

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

This person said seating etiquette is no better at corporate events than in vacation vans…
Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

And finally, this person said he wouldn’t have put up with it in the first place, and would have taken that seat back by any means!
Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

I’m with that guy, if you move my seat saver then we’re throwing hands.You don’t mess with people on public transit.

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