May 7, 2024 at 7:38 pm

Kids In Their Neighborhood Won’t Stay Out Of Their Yard, So They Won’t Let Any Of Them Play On Their Trampoline

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

When a family gets a trampoline, you can bet your hard-earned money that every kid in the neighborhood will start coming by…

So what’s a parent supposed to do in that situation?

Well, this one wasn’t having it and they put their foot down.

Were they wrong?

Read on to get all the details…

AITA? Neighbor kids not allowed to play on trampoline.

“We purchased a large trampoline for our kids for Christmas.

They are elementary aged, and have a baby sibling.

We made a rule that the neighborhood kids can’t jump on it, but they all think that’s not fair and our kids don’t understand either.

We have a large property that has a lot of houses bordering it. Kids often congregate on our property because we have so much space and so many “toys.”

While it was novel at first to have a group of kids available to play, some of them are literally at our house daily.

This sounds annoying.

They get our bikes out, swing from trees or the playset, leave outdoor toys everywhere.

Things regularly get broken, but with 7 neighbor kids, no one is willing to own up to who did it.

It has gotten so out of control that we don’t know how to recreate the boundary, and often feel annoyed with all of them- even though its just kids enjoying childhood.

What a conundrum!

Not happening!

I want our trampoline to last for the baby to enjoy.

This was an easy “no” for safety reasons.


What would you do?”

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Another individual offered some advice.

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This Reddit user said parents need to be involved.

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Another reader will never get a trampoline.

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They’ve gotta learn somehow!

Establish those boundaries, fam!

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