May 14, 2024 at 10:38 pm

Mom Says Toddler’s Behavior Improved After Showing Him ’90s Cartoons

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@mamasandmesses

Millennials always think the cartoons of their childhood are the best, but what if they actually really are?

Cast your mind back to Clifford the Big Red Dog and The WIld Thornberrys and let’s be honest, we would watch those shows right now for a chill session.

@mamasandmesses is an Instagram account featuring two Northern Virginia moms, Lauren and Sara, who post all about their parenting lives.

And in one recent update, Lauren said when she introduced her toddler son to old cartoons, he was happy with less screen time and even slept better!

Source: TikTok/@mamasandmesses

She said: “I noticed he enjoyed them, but didn’t *need* them. We’d watch an episode or two and when it was time to turn it off, he didn’t fight me or get upset, he just went back to playing.”

Source: TikTok/@mamasandmesses

She continued: “Possibly the biggest thing I noticed was a change in his sleep! He was sleeping longer and better.”

The mom has a theory – that the kids’ shows millennials grow up on – were made with less stimulation for young minds.

She also stated the older shows seemed to share messages of “creative exploration”.

Source: TikTok/@mamasandmesses

The stories actually helped kids, she feels and now she feels they just result in “addicted subscribers.”

The good thing about kids’ shows is there’s a lot to choose from!

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This is a hot topic for parents!

Source: TikTok/@mamasandmesses

It’s all about the money?

Source: TikTok/@mamasandmesses

The reax could go on and on until the end of cartoon time!

Source: TikTok/@mamasandmesses

It could be all in her head.

But, does it really matter?

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