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Savvy Car Buyer Tells You How To Answer An Important Question Car Dealers Ask Customers. – ‘Free cheat sheets that tell you what to say.’

by Matthew Gilligan

redditcarcheatsheet Savvy Car Buyer Tells You How To Answer An Important Question Car Dealers Ask Customers.   Free cheat sheets that tell you what to say.

Source: TikTok/@zachshefska

It’s time for some more car advice, friends…

And, let’s be honest, most folks can use all the help they can get in that department!

So let’s all be thankful that the guy you’re about to meet is here to guide us in our car-buying endeavors.

His name is Zach and he said, “When a car salesman asks you what you want your monthly payment to be, you need to answer with, ‘I’m not concerned with the monthly payment, I am only focused on the total out-the-door price.'”

Zach continued, “The salesperson might then say, ‘So you’re paying in cash?’ Say, ‘Nope, I haven’t determined exactly how I plan to pay for it yet, I’m just concerned about the out-the-door price.’”

He added, “Then the salesperson will probably say, ‘Do you have a monthly budget in mind?’ And you’ll say, ‘I have a total out-the-door price in mind, so I would only like for you to discuss that with me at this time.’”

Zach “My dad, who spent 43 years in the car business, put together these free cheat sheets that tell you what to say when a car dealer uses a particular word track that they’re trained to say.”

He continued, “Aside from a brief stint going bankrupt from opening a Golf USA store, my dad was in the car business his whole life. The cheat sheet includes things like how to handle your trade-in, as well as things you should be prepared to talk about with the finance manager when it comes to getting your vehicle financed and all those asinine add-ons. It’s 100% free, Google Car Edge cheat sheet.”

Thanks for the advice!

Let’s see what he had to say.


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Hope this advice helps!

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