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She Attended A Bachelorette Weekend And Got A Venmo Request To Help Cover The Bride’s Portion. She Wants To Refuse Because It Wasn’t Agreed Upon Beforehand.

by Trisha Leigh

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I don’t know about you, but I think weddings are really getting out of control.

I mean, at this point you’ll need to set aside enough to put a down payment on a car before you agree to be in a bridal party.

The following story is about just such a situation… one woman’s stand against these expensive requests.

Let’s take a look!

AITA if I refuse to pay the bride’s share for a bachelorette?

I (27F) recently went on a friend’s bachelorette party. She’s not having a bridal party, so it was just a group of 5 girls – we went to New Orleans.

When we got there, we found only 2 beds, which I guess her MOH counted as plenty. There were only love seats and no pullout couches.

The accommodations were not great.

Her MOH took one room with her best friend, leaving me, the bride, and another girl I’ve never met with the king bed.

While I was in the bathroom, the bride and other friend decided to stick me in the middle because I’m “the most easygoing” (I’m not, I just have a tendency to be a people pleaser) and didn’t ask me.

So that was awkward.

She only knew the bride and did not have a good time.

The group itself was super cliquey, but that wasn’t really a surprise since no one knew each other and everyone was vying for the bride’s attention.

I kind of just hung back since it was only 2 nights.

It was painful, though.

Afterward she got a money request.

I had an earlier flight, and on the way to the airport the maid of honor venmo requested me an insane amount (like $750) to cover the bride’s stuff.

I guess we were all paying for her flight, stay, everything, despite me already having paid $500 for a big dinner out.

I just didn’t answer and thought I would deal with it when I got home since I was arriving at the airport.

She said this was not discussed ahead of time and wonders if she can just say no.

Well yesterday she sent a group text to remind us to pay.

I honestly had a crappy time, wasn’t treated so well, and already paid about 2k for a party when I’m not even in the wedding.

I was thinking of throwing her like $300 and saying the amount wasn’t disclosed and I can’t afford it, or would that be wrong and I should just pay it and be done with them?

We are in a lot of larger friend groups together (with our fiancés/husbands) so I will definitely see the bride going forward.

WIBTA if I refuse to pay that full amount?

I’m curious where Reddit is going to come down on this one!

If they didn’t agree to it, she has no obligation.

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And yeah, that’s a lot of money.

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Most people wouldn’t pay for it.

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They say she should at least push back.

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No bride should expect this of her friends.

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Yeah, I wouldn’t do it.

We’re not all made of money.