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She Continuously Pays Off Her Husband’s Debts, But She’s Finally Had Enough And Will Use The Money On Herself

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

Money issues can really mess up a relationship and it sounds like this one is on the rocks!

Is this woman being too stubborn when it comes to her husband’s debts?

Check out her story and see what you think.

AITA if I don’t pay off my husband’s debt?

“I am 38f and husband 40m. I am the breadwinner. Since I WFH, I also manage majority of the household and kids stuffs.

I am also doing my graduate studies now. Yes, I am overwhelmed.

My husband owns a business. He’s barely able to make ends meet and I bail him every time. I earn a decent salary and have been receiving big bonuses.

This is nothing new…

Often that’s the money I use to bail him. Bailed him so many times, I lost count how much I dumped in.

Recently, he said business is good and bought a new car. I thought finally, it’s working.

Nonetheless, I am so busy, I am often overwhelmed, tired, and clearly no time or interest for intimacy.

I am always stressed and just want the day to be over.

Things got ugly.

So many freaking things planning in my head because there are just so many things going on.

All of a sudden, everything exploded – husband complained I am not spending time with him, bla bla bla, kids not behaving bla bla bla and the beans spilled.

He is financially stressed because he cannot make ends meet, and he has over 10k of credit card debt.

It was a total **** show moment. I have paid off his debt multiple times in the past. I could afford to pay it off and let him start fresh – again.

She’s not so sure about it this time.

But I am also thinking of all the home improvements I wanted to do for many years. I never got to do it because all my bonus money just goes to his business.

AITA if I am not bailing this time and instead use the money for other things?

I told him to transfer the debt to a lower interest rate account and set aside money to pay it off.”

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Another reader said she’s NTA.

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Sounds like these two have a lot to figure out.

You better believe it!

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