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She Didn’t Tell Her Roommates She Owned The Place And She Would Be Their Landlord, So They Moved Out And Started Trashing Her Name

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

Well, this sounds like a tricky one…

If you owned a place AND you lived there, would you tell your roommates that you’re the landlord?

Like I said, a tricky one…

Check out this woman’s story and see if you think she did the wrong thing.

AITA for not telling my roommates I am the landlord?

“I (F28) got a job when I was 17 and lived at home saving as much as I could until I was 26, at which point I bought a small apartment for myself with a small mortgage, that I could afford whether I rented or not.

It has two rooms, one is bigger with an ensuite and the other is a single. I didn’t want to live alone for safety reasons, so I posted about getting a roommate (them having the ensuite).

People weren’t cool with the arrangement.

I got lots of messages, but when people found out I was the landlord, they usually left the conversations. I was very upfront that I wanted clean/tidy/organised/quiet/non-drinking people and my sister said that was probably sending a ‘toxic message’ since I was also the landlord.

So I stopped mentioning that and very shortly after I found people.

They’re a really nice engaged couple (F29 and M28) and though I wouldn’t say we are close best friends, but we are friendly, have dinner together sometimes and the living situation has been really nice.

The rent was on the cheaper side of average in our area, we split bills, streaming and internet etc. But they did not know I was the landlord.

I will fully admit, I can be a strict. I don’t like things being messy/disorganised/loud, and especially since I am the owner I want things sorted quickly to avoid damages.

So a few times I have scheduled “checks” to get things rolling if they’re being pushed aside and mentioned I might have to complain if things weren’t tidied up properly.

Recently, the girl had some health issues and has been working less, which means they have been struggling on rent payments. Again, I don’t need their money to pay off the mortgage, but have been using it to help give me some extra money.

Time to find some new folks…

I decided to come clean and mentioned I would cut the rent payments fully until she got better and found stable work again. They were nice about it and took the deal until she got better. They then moved out last month and I went on the search for new roommates.

They started trashing me to everyone they knew about how I lied about being the landlord, was a strict pain in the ***, was trying to steal their money in a cost of living crisis to pay off my debts etc.

Word has gotten around and I’ve actually stopped taking enquires. Some of my friends and family members are saying I was an ******* and should have been honest about it from the get go, others are saying I didn’t owe them that information and ended up doing them a favour.

I don’t really know what to believe.


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That was a weird one!

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