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She Has A Sweet Nanny Job That’s Full Of Perks, So When Her Sister Decides To Babysit, She Gets Upset Because It’s Harder Than Sis Let On

by Trisha Leigh

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Listen, The Babysitters Club lied to all of us, y’all.

Because most of the time, not only is babysitting a hard job, but it’s honestly not all that fun, either.

This girl is a full-time nanny in a very specific situation, and her sister gets the short end of the stick.

Let’s take a look.

AITA for letting my sister think all of her babysitting parents will spoil her the way mine does?

I am a babysitter to a 10 year old with cancer. It is by far the easiest/cushiest job I’ve ever had.

When Ava is in the hospital she’s either napping or playing with friends.

All I have to do is make her lunch, make her do her homework, push her iv pole when she walks, and help when she needs to use the bathroom (get her on/off the toilet, she can do the rest).

When she’s not in the hospital we have a lot of fun. Her mom lets me take her anywhere or do anything with her as long as she comes back alive. No budget and I get reimbursed for everything.

We’ve gone to arcades, amusement parks, ice skating, movies, museums, etc. and I honestly love hanging out with her.

She gets a ton of perks and loves her job (and the kid).

On top of this, her mom spoils me.

Every morning when I get to work, she asks if I’ve eaten. If I say no she gives me $20 for breakfast and coffee.

If I babysit at night she gives me $50 to door dash food for myself in case I get hungry and if I don’t use it she tells me to think of it as a bonus.

This is on top of having free rein of the pantry.

My suitcase was lost after a 2 week vacation and her mom gave me $150 to buy some clothes until my suitcase was recovered.

I travel with the family 3 times a year and get an all expenses paid trip to work 2-5 hours a day (paid at 1.5x my normal rate) so the mom can go out with her other kids while Ava rests.

Her sister figured she’d try babysitting instead of looking for another “real” job.

I tell my sister all about this job. She recently lost her job and decided to start babysitting.

She has a 5 year old girl and 8 year old boy and hates it.

She’s mad that no one warned her it was, you know. Work.

She makes less than me for more kids with more energy, she doesn’t get money for food when she babysits, she doesn’t get to take the kids anywhere she wants and get paid for it, she doesn’t get to hang out on her phone for 3 hours a day, and the parents aren’t as nice as Ava’s mom.

Apparently I led her to believe that every job was going to be as cushy as mine by always talking about it and she blames me for her hating her job.

Our mom thinks I should’ve told her that not every family is going to be like Ava’s and that I should’ve warned her that it could be hard.

AITA for not warning her that not every job is like mine and that she’d have to work if she got a babysitting job?

Does Reddit think a head’s up was in order? Let’s find out!

The top commenter feels like this should be common knowledge.

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All jobs are not this job. Obviously.

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Also what’s up with her mom?

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Her sister is in charge of her own expectations.

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This is a risk you take.

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This is kind of hilarious.

Imagine a full-grown adult not realizing looking after kids is exhausting.

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