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She Prefers The Name Her Parents Originally Picked For Her Instead Of Her Current One, And Now Her Parents Are Fighting With Each Other About It

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

Some people get pretty worked up about names…

And I guess that makes sense, because it’s something that you’re stuck for with your whole life, right?


Was this woman wrong for what she told her parents about her name?

Let’s see what the heck is going on here…

AITA for telling my parents I would have preferred the original name they planned to give me instead of the one they actually gave me?

“My parents recently told me (22f) that they had considered another name for me when mom was pregnant with me.

Actually, it was the name they had decided to give me really until mom changed her mind. The original name was Dove Emberly but my mom was worried it was too weird after a while and she wanted to change it.

They made a decision…

My dad never did. But eventually it was decided I would be named Emily Katherine. I don’t think my dad really likes my name but maybe he wouldn’t have liked anything other than the original.

The conversation about my original name came back up between my parents first when mom basically asked dad if he wasn’t glad they changed their minds and dad said no.

She told them the truth.

So they actually asked me and told me the two names. I told them I would have preferred the original and I was kinda sad I didn’t get Dove as my name, which would be way better than Emily in my opinion and the middle name Emberly I prefer too.

Mom mentioned Ocean or Océan had been a contender too and I said that would have been amazing.

Now her parents are fighting.

Mom really wasn’t happy. Dad told me if I wanted to use the original name he’d give me the money to change my name. Mom wasn’t happy with him. But she really wasn’t happy with me.

She told me I didn’t even hesitate to say I preferred the original name and she asked me why I liked it so much and told me how sad it made her that the name she felt would suit me better throughout my life instead of as a little girl was one I could discard so easily.

Especially because I reacted positively to dad saying he’d pay for me to change my name.


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You know… you can change your own name.

Just saying.

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