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She Refuses To Host Her Sister’s Baby Sprinkle Party, And Now Her Sister Says She Doesn’t Care About Her Or The Baby

by Abby Jamison

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Sometimes, family to truly feel entitled to you and your space.

For this woman, her sister expects her to host her baby shower, even after they trashed her house last time. Now, her sister thinks she’s the a-hole!

Let’s get the full story…

AITA for not hosting a party for my sisters baby sprinkle after my home was damaged by her gender reveal party?

I 36 female have a sister 34 that is calling me selfish and rude for not allowing her to have her baby sprinkle at my home.

For some background my sister and I have a love hate relationship. She is my mother’s golden child. I do not get along with my mother but that’s for a whole other post.

They have some conflict…

My sister always had things handed to her and due to that she has become entitled. Now to the point of this post.

My husband and I have opened our home for parties and gatherings for friends and family. Events such as our kid’s birthday parties to hosting a surprise engagement for 2 of our friends to allowing my sister to use it as a “hall” for her gender reveal last month.

The issue is that after the reveal I realized that her guests broke my vegetable garden box by sitting on it, allowed their kids to mess up my garden, and left a mess in my house.

This upset her…

My husband and I decided that was the last time. Jump to today. My sister wants to have her sprinkle at my home once she found out I wasn’t paying for her to have it anywhere due to funds.

Which kinda peeved me off. So in her mind I won’t pay for her and her guests to eat and be merry somewhere so she can use my house to have it knowing the kind of host I am.

When I told her no that my house was not an option she started being nasty to me. Telling me that I was punishing her for others actions and that she’s my sister and it’s not right.

The sister didn’t take it well…

She went as far as trying to guilt me by saying that I don’t care about her and the baby and for me to have a good life.

I’m stressing her out. And she regrets asking me and this is why she doesn’t ask for help. She doesn’t want to understand my feelings and reasons.

So am I wrong for not wanting a bunch of people here again that disrespected my home before?

Let’s see what the comments said…

This commenter says it’s not OP’s responsibility.

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Another user thinks she should cut ties with her sister.

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And this commenter wonders why OP even cares!

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No one is entitled to your home, especially for a party!

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