May 25, 2024 at 6:34 am

She Trusted Her Favorite Influencer And Got Scammed Out Of Thousands Of Dollars

by Michael Levanduski

Source: Tiktok/@tineefarinee

Never trust an influencer, even if they are your favorite…

A woman who goes by the username ‘tineefarinee’ published a video about getting scammed after trusting the recommendation of her favorite social media influencer.

She believed that this influencer was being honest when she recommended a popular skin care treatment, so she decided to sign up for the process.

After some heavy sales pressure, she was on the hook for six treatments and a loan that would cost her thousands.

To make matters worse, she didn’t see any positive results from the treatments! Just a little skin irritation for her trouble.

Check out this modern cautionary tale so you don’t make the same mistake:

Source: Tiktok/@tineefarinee

It all started out when she watched a sponsored video from this influencer, about which she said “so when she made an ad for this beauty service chain across America.

I was like okay, I feel like I can trust this, like I trust her, I like her content.”

While she knew it was an ad, she wanted to try it to see if she could get the flawless skin that was promised.

Source: Tiktok/@tineefarinee

It was at this point that everything started to go downhill fast.

She called the company to set up an appointment, and while they were extremely friendly, they were also pushing to try to make a sale.

Once @tineefarinee agreed to sign up, they offered her the option to pay monthly.

What they failed to say, however, was that this was through a loan, not simply a payment plan.

She said that, “she sent me a link to set it up and it sends me to two other links and then I’m fully taking out a loan unknowingly.”

Source: Tiktok/@tineefarinee

While I definitely feel that she should have realized that she was signing up for a loan, this is a pretty shady practice from the company.

Watch the full video here to get all the details:


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This is a sad story that really illustrates how anyone can get scammed.

Let’s see what commenters had to say.

This person really didn’t feel too bad for her:

Source: Tiktok/@tineefarinee

This next commenter is spot on. If a beauty company promises to “get rid of all the texture in your skin,” RUN!

Source: Tiktok/@tineefarinee

At least this one commenter had some sympathy.

Source: Tiktok/@tineefarinee

Hopefully she learned her lesson, and others can learn from her mistake!

That’s the best case scenario at this point.