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She’s Dating Someone She Used To Just Be Friends With, But Her Older Sister Had A Meltdown Because Of An Old Grudge

by Matthew Gilligan

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I’m gonna go on the record here and say that this teenager’s sister sounds like a WHACKO.

Was that too strong?

Well, I’m just speaking the truth!

And you’ll see what I’m talking about in just a minute…

Check out her story and see if you think she did anything wrong.

AITA for “lying” to my sister by getting a boyfriend?

“I (17f) don’t like makeup. I’ve tried it before, but I don’t like how it looks on me so I never wear any.

However, my sister (19f) loves makeup and refuses to leave the house without any on. When we were in school together my sister would get mad when I got attention from boys and she didn’t, even though I was younger.

Sibling rivalry at its finest…

She would bring up that I don’t wear makeup or put much effort into my looks, so it didn’t make sense for boys to like me more.

I do put effort into my appearance, just not to the same level as her. She would always try to get between me and any guy she thought was interested in me.

Even though most of the guys were actually just friends and we laughed at her for thinking they were into me. Which I never minded since I was never into them either. This embarrassed her and she still hasn’t let it go I guess. Now to the main story.

Big news!

I recently got a boyfriend. He’s an old friend, one of the ones that said he wasn’t into me a few years ago.

Things changed recently and we’re pretty happy together. We’ve only been together for two months, so we haven’t told that many people, including my sister.

She was in town for the weekend visiting from her university. She happened to arrive when our parents weren’t home and my BF and I were cuddling on the couch watching TV. He noticed her first and said hi. She looked confused for a minute, then started bawling and ran up to her room and slammed the door.

That freaked us both out.

Apparently she called our mom when she got into her room because she came home right away.

She told us my sister said we humiliated her, but we didn’t do anything. We told mom what happened and she was just as confused as us.

She sounds pretty dramatic…

Mom got my sister to come out of her room, but she was still crying.

It took a few minutes for her to calm down, but then she started screeching at me that I was a liar and a brat and I humiliated her.

When I asked how since I didn’t even talk to her before she started freaking out, she said it was because of my BF.

We said before that we didn’t like each other, but now we were cuddling and it was unfair because we lied to her.

I told her we didn’t lie, but she couldn’t hold us to something we said years ago.

What’s the big deal…?

Feelings sometimes change.

But apparently she remembers when we laughed at her for thinking we liked each other back then and how she got grief from her friends for it and now we’re together so we humiliated her for nothing.

Then she started going into her usual rants of how I don’t wear makeup and don’t dress as nice as her so it’s not fair I have a BF and she doesn’t. I told her she was being delusional and she can’t keep blaming me for her being single.

She started bawling again and ran back to her room.

My BF and mom are on my side that she’s being overdramatic, but my dad thinks I could have worded things nicer because she spent most of the weekend crying. I don’t even know.


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Her sister needs a serious reality check!

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