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She’s Tired of Her Sister’s Toxic Antics, So She Didn’t Invite Her And Her Family On A Beach Vacation

by Matthew Gilligan

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Life’s a beach…unless someone ruins it!

So you can understand why this woman did what she did, right?

Well…let’s see what’s going on here…

AITA for not inviting sister’s family to the beach on easter holiday?

“A bit of background, my (34F) sister (37F) is my mom’s favorite, no way around it.

She got married really young and her husband is fine but a bit clueless. He works hard and provides a nice life but lifting a finger for the kids would be beyond him.

She’s put in her time and effort.

So my mom always instilled the “we gotta help her out” mentality, and I poured my heart and soul into helping her raise her kids for years. And I mean it.

Sadly, she then thought it was my responsibility and even left me with her kids HOURS AFTER MY C SECTION.

Even now she throws full tantrums that ruin family vacations if I don’t wanna look after her kids, but the general consensus in my family is: why couldn’t you just take them?

They really don’t see the problem.

I mean, I would still make the effort of helping out if she had ever been even a bit nice to my kids – she’s indifferent at most and downright rude at times.

Which brings me to the present situation.

My husband’s family has a beach house and for years we would go there with my entire family to spend holidays – easter, xmas, new years and the like.

However there is always something with her – I bring the food for everyone but she’ll bring some snacks for her kids ONLY.

Good grief!

My son asked for a yogurt one time and she said no – LMAO!!! One time I asked for a bit of cheese for my daughter and she said no. That sort of thing.

She’ll bring a bag of pool noodles and stuff from the dollar store for her kids only – my kids arent allowed to touch them or use them and she acts so annoyed if they even ask about them – for the record my kids are 5 and 3 YO.

Sorry, Charlie…

So this week we’re going to the beach house and I haven’t invited her. She asked if they could go and I said no.

So she wrote to my husband thinking he’d override me and say yes of course.

He didnt even reply to her message.

Now shes boo-hooing to anyone who’ll listen about how bad I am and practically it’s my fault her family won’t get a vacation.

AITA for not inviting her?

I feel terrible for her kids but I just can’t stand her being so rude to my kids in my face in my house.”

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I definitely think this was long overdue.

What an ungrateful sister.

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