May 21, 2024 at 1:44 pm

Someone In Their Village Was Stealing Gasoline, So The Police Suggested Some Minor Sabotage To Root Out The Culprit

by Trisha Leigh

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Gas is expensive these days, and honestly, I doubt it’s ever going to feel “cheap” again.

That said, you can’t go stealing that stuff from other people. It’s just not right.

The following story concerns a small village, where stealing gas could also result in someone being stranded offshore.

Let’s take a look…

The police suggested the revenge

This happened to a friend of mine years ago, and me as well, but he did the revenge.

I lived in a small village by the sea. Most people had a small boat with an outboard motor. People were not poor, but far from rich.

Someone began stealing gas from the boats on multiple occasions. Lots of people got livid.

They lost their gas of course, but even worse was that several ran out of gas far from shore, potentially very dangerous.

So they reported the ongoing thefts to the police.

A friend of mine went to the local police and got to talk to the chief of police and got the following advice:

“Fill a can with gas, mix it with sugar, and put the can in your boat”

My friend got a bit concerned and asked if this was illegal and could get him in trouble.

“It is not illegal to mix sugar and gas. It is your gas. If someone steals it, is no problem of yours. If the thief files a complaint you can rest assured that I will follow it up, regarding all the thefts”

The plan worked perfectly.

And so he did. A nice brand new can filled to the brim with gas and lots of sugar. The can was gone the day after.

Fast forward a week. The local engine repair shop got a pretty new 120hp engine in for repair.

As said, a small village, so after checking up on the engine it was easy for the mechanic to put two and two together.

The mechanic told the customer that the engine was beyond repair (a lie I guess), and that the customer should contact the police, because this was sabotage.

The police got no complaint.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Of course the story went viral in the small community.

The thief was until then a well respected person. The moving van showed up a few months later.

I bet Reddit’s ready with a virtual high five.

There is more than one way to solve a crime.

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Kudos to the police!

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Thank goodness for technology.

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Some tips and tricks in case this happens to you.

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Honestly, this was a very satisfying story.

Good for them for not taking it lying down.