May 12, 2024 at 4:36 am

Her Sister-in-Law’s Kids Made Fun Of Their Airbnb Guests, So She Revoked Their Beach House Privileges

by Ashley Ashbee

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Some people think they get a free pass to be unkind and toxic just because they helped create something or pay for something.

Here’s how this played out with a family that helped building a cottage, but lost the privilege to use it because of their behavior.

AITA for telling my SIL that her family can’t stay at my beach house anymore even though they helped build it?

I really put a lot of effort into fixing it as cheaply as possible, went over and stayed there for many nights and literally did a lot of the construction. (My husband came and helped about half the time.)

I sourced recycled wood and such so almost all the materials are “found” in some way.

Uh oh. This spells trouble.

Once it was partially finished I thought I could enlist my SIL’s help – so I told her about this project, and asked if she wanted to come stay over for a few days with her family and help finish up the work.

She brought her kids and husband and slept out on the deck and did things like the painting and building some furniture etc.

That’s great, but there need to be formal terms for this!

I did say that my SIL’s family could come stay anytime because they helped with it.

There’s two parts to the house that have separate kitchens and bathrooms, so we’ve kept the top for us and SIL’s family, and the bottom for Airbnb.

Who does this?! That’s awful. Grow up.

Last week they were there, at the same time as some paid guests.

I got a complaint from the guests afterward that my SIL’s kids had made fun of their kids, and that my SIL told them that this was their house so the guests don’t get to dictate how their kids behave.

She doesn’t get to sabotage your business just because she helped you.

I told her she wasn’t allowed to stay there anymore if she can’t be considerate of the fact that this is also a business and you can’t be an *** to customers – or anyone.

Adults realize there exceptions.

Now she says i’m an AH because I promised she could stay anytime.

Here’s what people in the comments had to say.

Exactly. She sounds like a child, but that’s an insult to children.

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Who knew that acting like an adult was a radical notion.

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She sounds like the type who might burn the place down out of revenge.

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Good thinking! Although maybe she’d break a window to get in…

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Don’t give her something to hold over you like an owed debt.

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Maybe it’s not good to mix business with family.


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