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Teenager’s Dad Suddenly Passed, And Now He Wants To Live With His Grandparents Instead Of His Stepmom

by Matthew Gilligan

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This is a sad story…

The young man who wrote it has dealt with a lot in his 16 years and now he’s getting more grief in his life from family members.

Is he wrong for the decision he made?

Let’s see what he had to say.

AITA for choosing to live with my grandparents instead of my siblings and stepmother?

“My dad passed away 5 months ago. It was really sudden.

He wasn’t sick. He just went to work one day and didn’t make it back home.

He’s had a lot of tragedy in his life.

Dad had five kids. He had me (16m) Mia (11f) and Ky (10m) with our mom and she passed away 9 years ago.

Dad got remarried 5 years ago and had two kids with his second wife.

Dad had set it up where Mia, Ky and I would stay with his wife if something were to happen to him.

He never brought this up.

He wasn’t on board with this idea.

But when I found out I wasn’t really happy and I expressed a wish to live with my maternal grandparents. Ky and Mia wanted to be with his wife. They call her mom and have a really close relationship with her and our half siblings.

They wanted me to stay as well. They said they didn’t want to lose me too and even though I assured them they would still see me, they were angry and sad.

My dad’s wife told me I should just stay. That I could give her a chance to be a second mom to me and could have her and my siblings for support. I told her I didn’t want to live with her.

It went to the courts.

An emergency custody hearing was held and I spoke to the judge with my grandparents and my dad’s wife in the room with us. He asked me why I wanted to go against my dad and if I would like to have some kind of shared custody set up for me. I said no.

I wanted to live with my grandparents outright. That I loved and respected them and needed them but I did not love or respect or need my dad’s second wife and that I love Mia and Ky so much and I had nothing against my half siblings, but I felt better being with my grandparents.

A decision was made.

The judge agreed. He ordered I could live with my grandparents while Ky and Mia could stay with my dad’s wife. He did order the three of us to have individual therapy to help them not dislike me. And that helped.

They ask a lot of questions when I see them, and they don’t understand me not loving “their mom” but they do get now that she’s not my mom like she is theirs. They know she’s not their bio mom. She’s the only mom they know.

Some people are pretty upset about this.

My dad’s wife is furious and she has made so many comments about my decision. She has also brought up what I said to the judge and the fact I don’t love all four siblings is disgusting.

But she said I turned my back on my family and I basically said I didn’t care that she had done her best to be a good mother to three kids that weren’t hers, it wasn’t good enough for me. She said my decision was totally unfair to everyone and I was selfish.


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I don’t blame him one bit!

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