May 11, 2024 at 7:50 am

The CEO Of Their Company Makes More Money In An Hour Than These Employees Do In A Year

by Abby Jamison

Source: Reddit/antiwork/Pexels/TheCoachSpace

Unfortunately, it’s pretty well know that there’s a huge pay disparity when it comes to large company executives and their employees.

For this person, they’re at a loss with their companies clear moral issues and desperately wants to find a way to make things right.

Let’s get the full scoop…

My CEO makes 186 million dollars; He makes more money in an hour than everyone at my location makes in a year.

The CEO of my company makes 186 million dollars in compensation. He’s only been CEO for like a year maybe a little longer.

We have never paid our CEO this type of money before. Also he has made decisions that have run this company into the ground like wildly over booking us.

So he gets to make more money in an hour than I do in an entire year.

That has a big impact on the company…

He makes more money in an hour than 99% of people at all the locations in the company make in a year. I hate how mess up run away capitalism has gotten.

I even have one of the strongest unions (the Teamster) in the country backing us the employees but they could only secure a 4-5% raise last negotiation and called that a win because it is more than we got previously.

This year union negotiations look even bleaker. I work for the union as a representative too so I am for unions I believe in collective bargaining but this is pathetic how little our union and the company do for us.

I mean I never expected much from the company to be honest but the unions repeated failures have hit me really hard. Not just about the things mentioned above.

Just to give you some context about money this company made close to 10 billion dollars last year, one of their best years ever.

Hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars in net revenue. They still says there is no money for quality raises.

But it’s more than just the money…

But we have enough money to pay our CEO an ungodly amount of money to make bad decisions. Also don’t even get me started on how they treat our customers.

Because they are so greedy the executives have over booked our services by 10% margins, at least, meaning people who book and pay do not receive their services or receive their services 5hrs late or even later.

But because this company and two others basically own 30% of the market each for that industry, they do not care about customers service. Because they know you will be back.

I honestly don’t know what to do. I am trying to organize my people to vote no in this upcoming negotiations. However that is hard too.

They need some advice…

The company constantly treat new people badly so we barely have anyone stay around long enough to figure out how things are.

Also people are terrified of losing what little good we have. They union doesn’t inspire confidence and in fact often says scary things about striking.

Even worse our union rep said last negotiations if we vote no on this negotiated offer it means “we strike immediately and everyone is getting fired, are you ready for that?” I find my unions lack of backbone and help disturbing.

I always read on this sub and others that forming a union is the way to go. But what happens when your union fails you and your company so greedy that it destroys everything it touches.

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Something clearly needs to change!

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