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Their Daughter Has Mental Health Problems And Doesn’t Wants To Leave The House, But They Made Her Go To A Meeting So She Wouldn’t Get Kicked Out Of College

by Matthew Gilligan

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It’s hard to get people out of the house who suffer from anxiety and depression, but sometimes, you have to nudge them in the right direction.

And this person is trying to get their daughter to see the benefit of getting outside, but it’s not going well.

Are they pushing too hard?

Get the story below and see what you think.

AITA because I forced my daughter to leave the house to go to college?

“For the past few years my daughter F17 has been extremely depressed and has been having huge anxiety attacks whenever she has to leave the house.

She hasn’t been diagnosed with anything, but we are going through autism assessments and ADHD ones too, it’s been difficult on her with all the appointments, and I understand how she feels though she always says I’m not listening to her and I’m too harsh when I make her do things.

Three days ago, she had a meeting with her teacher at college to do some extra work as she finds it difficult to concentrate in class, so this meet up was going to be very helpful for her.

They gave her an ultimatum.

She woke up on that day an hour before the meeting and was angry about the fact she had to leave. I gave her two options I said that she either went to the meet up or she stays at home and gets kicked out of college.

She has already had 4 chances at this college and has been kicked out of two before so nobody else would take her.

She can’t get a job either from intense anxiety or this huge fear of leaving the house.

Things didn’t go well.

My partner took her to college, and she didn’t speak to her once in the car. Then she got out and called her, she called her names I can’t repeat and said I shouldn’t have made her go because she was too anxious and hates going. Also, it being the easter holidays and it wasn’t natural to go during them.

She went in and finished the meeting about an hour later. She got home and was perfectly fine.

Though my partner says that I maybe should have let her have it off today and worked something out with the teacher.

My partner says she could have been having an episode and I shouldn’t have said anything because it’s not our daughter’s fault.

She can’t deal with emotions well.

I don’t agree but does that make me an *******?”

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Yeah, this is a tough one.

One thing is for sure… this girl needs some help.

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