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Their Landlord Wouldn’t Make Repairs, So They Let a Leaky Faucet Drip And Cost Them A Lot of Money

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

Have you ever had to deal with a bad landlord before?

It really sucks!

And that, my friends, is an understatement…

Check out how this person got even with a landlord who wasn’t pulling his weight…

Landlord refuses to make repairs…

“I own a small business, and have been renting a unit in a complex for about a decade. A few years ago the long time owner of the complex sold the property to a new group.

Initially, they made some nice improvements to the property, updating signage, repaving the parking lot, painting the facade and some other cosmetic work.

The terms of my original lease were that the owner of the property handled all repairs to vital infrastructure (plumbing, roofing, etc) The previous owner thought that should be his responsibility since it was his property at the end of the day.

They didn’t notice for a while…

During the course of some of the renovations, the power to my A/C unit was cut. I didn’t realize it as it was winter time when the repairs happened.

I run a business where we don’t need the heat, and I only run the A/C in the late spring through summer. So there’s literally a few months where we’re not using the HVAC at all.

I called my property manager, and he proceeded to tell me it wasn’t their problem, and that the terms of our lease were now NNN. Luckily it was just an issue with the outlet; and I was able to switch the plug with no issues or additional cost to me.

There have been a few other issues that the management refused to address that have been mildly infuriating, namely their repeated insistence that we have a triple net lease.

Here we go again…

A few months later, we had a water leak. The valve to toilet had failed. Once again the landlord tried to tell me it was my issue, but I fought back this time and produced a copy of my lease that clearly stated that all water related issues are management’s problem. I don’t pay for water or gas utility, and it’s included in my rent. This is going to be important later.

Begrudgingly, he sent a plumber to repair the toilet. While he was here, I mentioned that our utility sink was also dripping, and he should have the plumber look at it. He declined to do so.

The drippy faucet has turned into a pretty steady stream. We tried turning the water off at the valves, but the old gate valves have so much calcium build up, they still won’t close all the way. I have mentioned it to our landlord repeatedly, and still no repair. It’s been about a year; and the faucet continues to consistently run.

Two can play at that game…

My dad was a plumber for a while, and I’m perfectly capable of fixing the issue, but out of spite, I refuse to. I had small leak at my house once, and it drove my bill almost $100 for the month over normal.

I figure at least $1,000 in water has literally gone down the drain, not to mention, the water is also being heated by the gas water heater.”

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