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Their Neighbor Accused Them Of “Stealing” Their Two-Bedroom Apartment, So When They Laughed In Her Face Things Got A Little Weird

by Trisha Leigh

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Apartment living has its advantages, but running into neighbors and having forced small talk isn’t one of them.

At least, not if you’re an introvert.

The following story concerns a guy who moved out of his parents house and loves having two bedrooms to separate work and home.

Let’s take a look…

AITA for telling my neighbors that I don’t care for their living situation?

I recently relocated to Orlando from Miami. I moved to some apartments that most would consider really nice.

Not high end or anything but definitely nice. Miami was just too expensive which is the reason for my move.

So because I work from home and I have 2 dogs I wanted to get a 2 bedroom apartment. One that can be an office that I can work from and one for me to sleep.

After having my office in the same room I slept in in my last home (still lived with my mom) it felt suffocating like if I never got to escape work.

This has been much better for me mentally and I feel like I’m actually leaving work after I close my laptop.

He occasionally talks to his neighbors, just polite talk.

So I’ve been here about a month and recently saw a family moving in.

I’m very introverted so I didn’t introduce myself or anything. The only time I really ever have contact with anyone is when someone is walking their dog at the same time I am and our pups want to say hello to each other.

Very quick small talk and then we’re on our way.

One day, a new neighbor introduced herself and, upon learning it was just him in a two bedroom, called him selfish.

Today as I was going back inside after walking my dogs I saw the wife and I just gave a friendly smile. Nothing more.

I decided I should throw the trash out before I clock in for the day just to get it out of the way. As I was walking back to my apartment the wife stopped me to introduce herself.

I introduced myself as well.

She then asked if I lived with a girlfriend or anything. I told her no, it’s just me and the pups.

She gave me a strange look that I can only describe as annoyed. She asked if my apartment had 2 bedrooms. I told her yes that there are 2 bedrooms.

She asked me why I wanted 2 bedrooms when I live alone and explained to her the office/sleeping thing I mentioned above.

Now this is the part where I may be the a******.

She said that it was really inconsiderate and rude to bigger families to take up a 2 bedroom apartment by myself.

That her family of 4 (husband, wife, 2 kids) have to share a 1 bedroom because people like me decide to steal the 2 bedroom apartments.

He cracked up when she suggested they switch.

I said that it sucks that you feel that way but there’s nothing I can do.

She said I should trade apartments with her.

I thought she was joking so I just started laughing. Not a nervous laugh or anything I just genuinely found her suggestion hilarious.

I then said that her living situation doesn’t concern me and if she wanted a 2 bedroom apartment she should have looked harder.

Eventually, he had to walk away from her ranting.

She said she was going to report me the building and I said that she should include report me to Desantis (Florida governor) while she’s at it.

I went inside and left her there screaming like a crazy person.


Did he do anything wrong? Let’s hear what Reddit has to say on the matter!

Sometimes all you can do is laugh.

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She’s being wild.

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They say he should report her for harassment.

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The bottom line is that it’s none of her business.

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There’s no reason he should care.

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This woman has a lot of nerve.

But not a lot of sanity, apparently.

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