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Their Roommates Agreed To Watch Their Dog While They Were Away On Vacation, But Now They’ve Gone Back On The Deal

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@lukeandrewmacg

A person’s word has to mean something, right?

And if someone you consider a friend told you they were going to do you a solid, they should stick by it, right?


But that’s not what happened in this story from Reddit.

And the person who wrote it is fired up!

Check out what they had to say.

AITA for thinking my housemates would look after my dog when I went on holiday?

“I haven’t been on a proper holiday in about 10 years.

This year I’ve booked to go away to Europe for 6 weeks because it looks like I’ll never afford a house so I might as well have some fun with my savings.

They had a deal.

I had a conversation with my housemates at the start of the year and my understanding was they would look after my dog as long as I arranged alternative accomodation for him on 3 of the 6 weekends and during one of the weeks so they could go away.

I agreed to this and asked them to let me know when they intended to go away and I would organise something else.

Here comes the twist!

Tonight they sat me down and said they no longer want to look after my dog anymore and it was unfair of me to expect them to in the first place as it’s a long time and stops them from going away and living their lives.

They also told me the previous conversation was only a conversation and not an agreement. They suggested I send him home to my Mum ($1,200 return flight) or drive him home to my Mum (4 day drive there and back; I live in Australia).

When I said I didn’t want to spend that money or time and thought he’d be happier staying with them at home with his best dog mate for the majority of the time their response was “well you’re about to spend 6 weeks in Europe, you can afford it”.

They’re pretty upset about this.

I’m a carpenter and last year spent way more than 6 weekends helping them fit out a van for free so they could do trips away/rent it out for some extra cash (it’s a fancy fit out as one of my housemates is an architect).

I genuinely wanted to help and my housemate said all along that one day he’d return the favour in some way. I also look after their dog regularly when they go away (they have also looked after my dog when I’ve gone away up until now).

I feel like I’ve been gaslit a little bit as if the first conversation never happened and they don’t understand why I’m annoyed.


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These are literally the worst kind of friends.


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