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Sisters Were Adopted Together But Only One Of Them Wants To Search For Their Birth Parents. Now It’s Causing A Rift.

by Sarrah Murtaza

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Sisters can be each other’s best friend through thick and thin, but even in the closest of relationships, disagreements can arise.

This story is about two girls who were put up for adoption when they were born.

They had their differences growing up. But while this girl was never curious about her birth family, her sister definitely was.

Let’s see where it goes!

AITA for telling my sister she’s not a kid anymore and needs to stop acting like one because it’s getting real old?

My parents adopted me and all my siblings.

I (24m) have a full biological sister who was placed for adoption at the same time I was. For her it was from birth, me I was 2.

We were placed in foster care together but it was very difficult for us to be placed together.

We’re black so that went against us and because we were a set and it was decided early on we’d be placed together.

It wouldn’t have made sense if they were separated.

We’re the only biologically related siblings in our family. All my other siblings are singletons from their birth families.

For me it doesn’t matter.

I love and am close to all my siblings and my sister is not my favorite or the one I’m closest to.

My brother who is basically the same age as me is my “favorite” if I had to pick but I really love them all.

My sister always had more of an issue than me growing up with her identity and she obsessed more over biological relationships.

She expected us to be the closest because we’re biological siblings.

She expected me to be just as interested as her in finding our birth family, which I’m not and never was.

These sisters are poles apart.

I told my parents about it when we were kids and they tried their very best to help her with therapy and fostering open communication and not treating us differently in a negative way (we were all treated different in some ways because we’re all different people and had different needs).

One thing my sister and I always bickered about was imagining our birth family.

She liked to imagine what they were like and what meeting them would be like and she wanted to do this out loud with me and for me to share mine as well.

Pretend play was a thing for one sister but the other clearly detested it.

I never did that with her and I told her it was not something I would ever be comfortable doing because I would never want to know them like she wanted to.

She hated that and would tell me one day we’d find them together.

This sibling doesn’t want to relive their past unlike their twin.

When it came to her wanting to be my favorite because biologically related, I tried to be more calm and understanding about that.

But she’s 22 now and she’s not a kid.

We’re both still “young” but I fully believe we’re not kids anymore and I hate that she still puts it on me to choose her over my siblings or that she won’t find our birth family alone because I don’t want to be a part of that.

Things got heated up..

She brought it up again a few days ago and I lost my temper a little and I told her to grow up because she’s not a little kid anymore and she needs to stop acting like she is.

I told her she’s my sister and I love her but she’s not my only sibling and she’s never going to be.

Then I told her I do not care if our birth family wants to know us. I don’t want to know them and I’m not going to ignore that just because she wants to know them.

But it seems like this sibling regrets lashing out.

She got so upset. I can tell it kind of shattered her.


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Twins are not entitled to live their lives together and do everything the same way. They can have a difference of opinion and can live very different lives.

These twin sisters are a clear example of that.

They want to live different lives and as folks in the comments mentioned, they should talk it out!

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