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They Agreed To Meet Up So He Could Let Her Into Their Apartment, But When She Didn’t Text Back, She Ended Up Locked Out For Twelve Hours

by Matthew Gilligan

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It’s all about communication, people!

And you know that’s the key to making relationships work…

But, apparently, these folks didn’t get the memo, because this sounds like a hot mess.

Take a look at what this guy had to say and see if you think he was a jerk to his girlfriend.

AITA for making my girlfriend wait outside our house for hours after going out?

“I’m 27M she’s 24F.

We only have one set of keys because a few months ago our landlord lost his pair and asked us for one of the ones we had, and since we are moving at the end of this month we decided to not make another copy.

Yesterday she went out with this new girl friend of hers she met a few months ago to have lunch but ended up spending the entire day out and around 10 pm told me she was gonna go out partying.

This was gonna be a late night…

I told her I was gonna go out too but since she wasn’t home and I had the keys I told her what we were supposed to do and she told me to take the keys and said we could come home together at 6 am when the clubs closed because we was gonna be near each other (clubs were a few minutes walk distance from each other).

I insisted her to confirm me that she was going to come home with me because I told her I was low on battery and my phone would be out of battery and she confirmed it.

I drank a lot and she did too because we were texting throughout the night and I could tell she was wasted.

Around 6 am I asked her if she was coming home because I guessed she might be going to sleep at her friend’s who lives near our home (around 15 minute walk).


She didn’t reply so I guessed okay she’s not coming home and since I was still active and a bit intoxicated I went to one of my friends’ place too, drank a bit more and ended up falling asleep on their couch.

Uh oh…

My phone was gone so no alarms and no calls were received and I woke up around 3-4 pm and took a taxi home only to find her sitting on the doorstep.

She haven’t talked to me since that day (it was on Friday) and made a big thing out of it.

Apparently she came home around 12 pm thinking I was there and I wasn’t receiving any texts nor opening the door so she just stayed there until I finally came home.

I told her why didn’t she just come back to her friends’ place which is near our house and she said that wasn’t the point and told me to leave her alone and even hinted breaking up because “she can’t believe I care so little about her”.

I do understand she can be mad because she was sitting there for hours but 1. I did text her at 6 asking her if she was gonna come home as she said but she didn’t even reply until 12 pm.

2. She could’ve just gone back to her friends’?

And 3. I did warn her several times that I was running low on battery.”

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