May 15, 2024 at 6:38 am

Couple Was Excited To Try A Michelin-Starred Restaurant In Paris, But When They Got There It All Turned Into A Complete Mess

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@jocedub

Sometimes all you need is down-to-earth food without any nonsense – but that’s not what most people expect on their dream Parisian vacation.

An American couple on the trip of a lifetime found out the hard way that a Michelin star doesn’t always mean fancy – even if it is out of this world expensive.

@jocedub explained how she’d booked a reservation months in advance and told the restaurant about allergies to five different tropical fruits.

Source: TikTok/@jocedub

They were planning to spend an astonishing $1,500 on their dinner.

Source: TikTok/@jocedub

She also informed them she was vacationing from the U.S and couldn’t confirm her reservation via phone but could online.

The TikToker told her followers she and her date turned up to the restaurant dressed up and were waiting to be seated.

The excitement was real, but she revealed: “The guy gets all huffy, and he walks off, and he gets a manager. And the manager comes over guns blazing. And he’s like, ‘You can’t just walk in and demand a table.’”

Eeek. Actually what?!

Source: TikTok/@jocedub

After a while, the couple were seated but the restaurant said they didn’t have a reservation.

The couple went on to order wine pairings with their food and they claimed they were charged too much by the end of the meal.

She said: “We were both dumbfounded by the time we left. I honestly think it may have been because we were Americans. We were treated like just complete garbage.”

And the commenter who piped up that this would “never happen at Olive Garden,” kind of summed it all up really!

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Source: TikTok/@jocedub

People want the happy ending.

Source: TikTok/@jocedub

Not impressed!

Source: TikTok/@jocedub

It’s tough when expectations don’t measure up with reality.

The good news is most places you can pop into in Paris are going to be utterly delightful.

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