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‘They were trying to scam us out of $600.’ – Famous Miami Restaurant Brings Them Tons Of Food They Didn’t Want And Tried To Make Them Pay For It

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@smoneyyz

Miami is known for a lot of things: amazing nightlife, beautiful beaches, and amazing cuban food. Just to name a few.

But one thing it isn’t known for? Affordability!

And as someone who went to school in Miami for a year, I can confirm this whole-heartedly. It’s not easy on the wallet, especially when I was a broke student!

Drinks alone will easily run you $18-20 each, and if you’re going out for dinner, you might as well hit the bank beforehand for a quick loan!

But TikTok user @smoneyyz’s story is on a different level entirely, when a popular Miami restaurant added almost $600 worth of food to her bill and expected her to pay for it!

Check it out!

Source: TikTok/@smoneyyz

Sam’s video starts off with her saying how much she really respects people working in a service position in these days, which is pretty generous considering the story she’s about to tell.

“I wanna talk about about this one experience I had at a restaurant last week that I almost can’t even believe happened cause it feels like a fever dream.”

She explains that her friend was in town for Miami’s Art Basel and he had suggested they meet at a world-renowned restaurant after meeting at his hotel.

Source: TikTok/@smoneyyz

And when their group arrives at the restaurant, her friend is immediately recognized by people who had been at the event, which she says the waiter definitely noticed.

“He was like ‘Oh yeah, big guy’s in town!’ Just like making little comments here and there that we didn’t think much of at the time.”

And considering it was a Tuesday night, her and her friends were not trying to get too crazy, and weren’t even particularly hungry in the first place.

“We were not drinking really heavily, and we were kind of all in agreement that we did not want a huge sit-down, entree style dinner. We’re like, let’s pick a couple of plates and share them.”

Source: TikTok/@smoneyyz

So they got two appetizers, and asked the waiter to bring whatever he’d recommend. “So 3 Plates in total, plus maybe four to five drinks.”

But apparently the waiter had a more extravagant meal in mind!

“We’re deep in conversation, picking at the stuff that was brought out, then all of a sudden, not kidding, six to seven other plates start coming out to the table.”

When she protested, the waiters confirmed this was in fact for them. But their waiter was nowhere to be found to clear things up!

“It’s getting to the point where they’re bringing out like, platters of wagyu, steak, scallops, things with truffle on them. That we literally did not order.”

Source: TikTok/@smoneyyz

As the dinner wound down, they were looking to get the bill, but they still had all of these plates of extra food that they didn’t even touch!

Her friend stepped out to take a call, and told them to just charge the bill to his room. But then the waiter came back!

“He’s like ‘Hey how did you guys like it?’ And we’re like we loved everything that we ordered, but what are all these extra things that we didn’t order?”

His response? He wanted to give them an experience. “You didn’t appreciate that?” And they responded no, and that it better not be on the bill.

I think you can see where this is going….

Source: TikTok/@smoneyyz

“We were expecting this bill to be maybe $250-300, absolute max. This bill was $887.”

So of course, they asked to speak to the manager, telling him that their waiter had added all these items to try and get a better tip, which is included automatically at this restaurant.

“The manager goes ‘So you guys can’t afford it?’ And we’re like, its not about that, we literally didn’t order these things!”

So they circled everything they didn’t order (and didn’t eat!) But thank god for their wallets, they got everything taken off the bill!

“They were making us seem like we’re crazy, like we were trying to scam them, when in reality they were trying to scam us!”

Check out her insane video for yourself!


I legit cannot believe this happened lmao. Never going back. #miami #artbasel #miamirestaurant #fypppppppppppppp #sushi

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TikTok was shocked at how blatantly they tried to scam Sam, with many people wondering how many others had fallen for their tricks.

Source: TikTok/@smoneyyz

This user said she had a similar experience at another Miami restaurant.

Source: TikTok/@smoneyyz

Many of us wanted to know the name of this place, so we could cross it off our list.

Source: TikTok/@smoneyyz

But others said they knew from the jump that it was most likely Nobu!

Source: TikTok/@smoneyyz

Finally, this user gave us a much cheaper alternative to Nobu in his own family’s sushi business!

Source: TikTok/@smoneyyz

They said “whatever you recommend”, and he really pushed his luck!

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