May 8, 2024 at 3:11 am

Couple’s Baby Name Choice Caused Awkwardness With Their In-Laws, And Now They’re Wondering If They Should Reconsider

by Chris Allen

Source: Reddit/Pexels

Deciding your baby’s name is not an easy task.

There are so many considerations, family history, personal preference, and trend-dodging to bring to the table.

So when you finally arrive at the perfect one, you feel a sense of accomplishment, naturally.

This story is what happens shortly thereafter for one couple, when one more consideration brings the whole process to a halt.

WIBTA for not wanting to change my babies name?

I’m 8 months pregnant, and have been purposefully holding off on revealing my babies name and gender.

Since it’s so close me and my husband invited invited my parents, his and his sister Ashley who’s 17.

Dinner was going great until we announce we’re having a boy and naming him Shawn.

My in laws got a little quiet for a moment before my MIL asked if there was any other options we’d considered.

We took forever to pick a name, Shawn is the only one we could agree on.

Then the mother in law dropped exactly why the name Shawn would not work for them.

MIL told us that that’s the name of Ashley’s old bully who tormented her heavily in school and online during 2020-2021 and it got so bad she switched schools.

That ostensibly ended the dinner.

It got a awkward after that, there wasn’t much else to say and dinner ended quickly after.

My MIL texted me and my husband again to again ask us to find a new name for Ashley’s sake.

Would I be the AH for not wanting to change it? We were only able to agree on it a few weeks ago.

Let’s see what folks had to say.

AH was the common vote here.

This one here for me. That’s the…only name?

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One person’s YTA vote implored them to just do better.

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While one commenter pointed that blame at her husband.

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This Redditor recognized that it wasn’t initially malicious, but that they can end this drama.

Source: Reddit/AITA

How about a round 2 of name choices?

They’ve got to be able to find another one.

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