May 9, 2024 at 1:27 pm

This Healthcare Worker’s Dementia Patient Insisted She Needed To Be Written Up, So She Got Him The Form And A Pen

by Ashley Ashbee

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When people have dementia or some other cognitive issue that causes confusion, it is tough, but medical staff find ways to cope with the challenges.

Read about the unorthodox approach this person had to dealing with an irrational demand from a patient.

Wanna write me up? Sure!

I have a patient who is deals with occasional mental confusion. He usually has a personal aide so he’s used to getting whatever he wants when he wants it.

I pride myself on being able to get along with an even build relationships with the most difficult of patients, but he has proved difficult to me due to the combination of entitlement and his confusion.

This is sad.

He had his son visiting him today, and was severely under the impression that his son was taking him home. Any attempt of explanation fell on deaf ears.

His son left, but he didn’t give up. He insisted I take him to the front door and let him leave despite there being freezing rain and no one to take him anywhere.

That sounds frustrating.

Eventually after 3 times of him telling me to take him to the door and my futile attempts to redirect, or reassure, he told me if I wouldn’t take him to the door, he would write me up for insubordination.

This passes the time at least, but embarrassing someone who can’t help the way he is is not okay.

I figured why not. At least writing me up would keep him distracted from trying to leave, and it truly seemed like the only way to calm him down.

There were at least 5 witnesses to what was happening, so I wasn’t worried about facing any discipline.

I grabbed the complaint form, a pen, and a clipboard for him, as I did this, the nurse caught on to what I was doing and started just laughing.

Why is it funny, though?

I brought her the form, and even helped him fill it out, spelling my full name for him and showing my name tag as proof that I was giving my real name.

Eventually, I have to move to stand behind him cause I can’t hide my laughter.

I wonder how many people see that certificate.

My director of nursing comes over and the nurse explained the situation.

I bring the patient over to her and he hands the form in. The DON let me keep the complaint form as long as I completely scratched out his information and I framed it next to my Employee of the Month certificate.

Check out the comments to see what folks had so say.

This person doesn’t see the harm.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

I hadn’t thought of this commenter’s viewpoint. She is letting him have some control of his life.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

Surely snickering can be more upsetting for this person.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

Does openly mocking the person count as walking that fine line, though?

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

Why would a judge do this?

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

It’s one thing to need to lighten the mood at work, but it’s easy to see why some folks didn’t find it funny.

I hope that poor old man is having a better day today.

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