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Rich Younger Student Is Clueless How The Real World Works, So Her Classmate Schools Her On How The World Really Works

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

There’s nothing wrong with being rich and there’s nothing wrong with being broke.

The key is being aware of your situation and also being aware that other people have different situations.

Sounds easy, right?

Well…think again…

Check out this story from Reddit and see if you think this woman was a little too harsh when she got real with a classmate.

AITA for telling my rich classmate not everyone has it financially as good as her?

“I (30f) am in my second year of university. The classmate I called out (“Ellen”) is 19f.

I wouldn’t call us friends, but we worked together a lot because of a big assignment, and I often spend lunch time with her and the same group of students. Kind of like good colleagues.

Just ask her, she’ll tell ya!

Ellen’s parents own their own supermarket and are quite well off (think: yacht, 2 vacation homes, 4 cars). I know this because Ellen has a habit of bringing up her financial status on a regular basis.

At the beginning of the year it didn’t annoy me because it was just casually mentioned now and then and she wasn’t hurting anyone with it.

But as time went on this changed to her actively trying to turn the conversation towards the topic, often during times where it would be considered “tone-deaf”.

Oh, boy…

For example another classmate “Elisa” got into a car accident and had to stay in the hospital. As she was sharing her experience during lunch, Ellen said: “oh I got into a really bad accident too once, on my yacht. I lost my balance and fell backwards. My neck was sore for days”.

The situation where I called her out was this one: Ellen’s best friend “Lydia” had her backpack and laptop stolen and was crying uncontrollably. Ellen gave her a hug and said: “you don’t need to cry, you can just buy a new one!”.

Lydia said that she couldn’t, to which Ellen replied: “oh c’mon it’s not that expensive. With the software we need a laptop of €1200/$1280 should be enough”.

She finally said it.

I replied: “Ellen not everyone is as financially comfortable as you”.

Ellen clearly didn’t like that. She raised her voice and told me that people only see the money but they don’t see how much effort she has to put in to get in.

That she works at her parents’ supermarket every Sunday and that she deserves every coin she owns. I told her that I didn’t mean that she doesn’t deserve it, and that it’s a good thing that she doesn’t have to worry about money, but that she should consider that most of our fellow students have a different situation.

It didn’t get mentioned anymore, but the overall mood has been quite cold since then and I’m wondering if maybe I went too far.

Both my boyfriend and best friend (both 30’s) said that I should have ignored it because “19 is basically still a kid” and “it’s not my job to teach her empathy”.

So, AITA?”

Here’s how folks reacted on Reddit.

This person explained why she’s NTA.

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Another person shared their thoughts.

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This Reddit user said she was only stating the obvious.

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Another individual spoke up.

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And this Reddit user sounded off.

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Sounds like this girl needed that wake up call.

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