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Their Neighbor Keeps Leaving Petty Notes On Their Car, So They Decided To Shame Them By Leaving Them On Their Windshield

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

What do you do when someone acts petty toward you?

Well, you out-petty them back, of course!

And this person seemed to nail it…but did they act like a jerk?

Check out their story and see what you think.

AITA for ignoring petty letters my neighbor puts under my car windshield?

“I have a neighbor who gets mad when I park on the street even though it’s a public street parking and literally anyone can park there.

Well, this doesn’t sound good…

She’s called the cops on me before, for parking an “abandoned vehicle” and they showed up and said I wasn’t doing anything illegal, it’s public street parking and my cars registered and legal, and they confirmed with me that I drive it daily to work.

She told the cops to ask me to park in my garage and they asked me and I said I was using the garage as a woodworking shop, and it wouldn’t fit.

So she started leaving notes on my car, I know it’s her because I have a dashcam that films motion even when the car is parked.

You can’t hide from me!

I think she’s been trying to hide who’s leaving the notes cause she does it at like 2 am in a hat and a covid mask but it’s pretty obvious on the dashcam still .

She put a letter there and I just didn’t open it and drove around with it on there till it got crumpled and faded.

She did it again and I left it on there till it rained and became mushy paper. I think she was getting the point I wasn’t gonna read it.

One of my other neighbors said I had a note on my car and I said yeah I know, just leave it there, the crazy lady down the street keeps doing it and I think she’s getting the point i haven’t moved the first few.

She asked what it said and I said I didn’t know.

They got some pushback.

She said it was kinda lame of me to not even read it.

I was like “Ehh it’s kinda lame she called the cops on me, that **** is dangerous knowing how the cops are” which my neighbor didn’t seem to get.

She seemed to not think cops are dangerous? Idk.


AITA for just leaving my neighbor’s petty notes there till they disintegrate?”

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This woman sounds a bit loopy.

I’m not sure I would mess with her.

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