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Her Husband Begged Her For Help Around The House, But She Recently Gave Birth So She’s Standing Firm And Getting The Rest She Needs

by Matthew Gilligan

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Childbirth is exhausting in every sense of the word, and the kicker is that when it’s over, you have a whole, helpless human to care for instead of getting some much-needed rest.

That’s usually where a partner comes in, but what if they can’t handle it?

Check out this woman’s story and see if you think she’s out of line for what she said to her husband.

AITA for refusing to take care of my children?

“I (26F) gave birth to my second child two days ago (it was a beautiful home birth so I was never discharged from the hospital.).

With my first and this pregnancy I made it clear to my husband I wanted to follow the 5-5-5 rule.

He seemed to drag his feet but because he wanted kids more than I did he agreed

I STILL LOVE MY KIDS DEARLY AND WOULDN’T NOT HAVE THEM NOW I just didn’t want to go through pregnancy.

Here’s the routine…

First five days “In bed.”

Nothing but skin to skin with my daughter, breastfeeding, and resting.

Next five days “on bed”

Sitting up, still breastfeeding, cuddling with baby, doing homework with my son, crossword puzzles etc.

Next five after that “around bed”

Still majority resting but doing light chores, folding laundry, diaper changing, just not standing for more than 30 minutes. All while still, cuddling with baby, breastfeeding baby, doing homework with my son and coloring.

This baby is very colicky and my husband is the one having to get out of bed, walk around with her and sit in the rocking chair, do diapers and take her and our son on walks to get some sunshine.

Our son (5) has started acting out at home due to the stress of the new baby and lack of sleep, we’ve offered him going to my parents next door and he seems interested.

She seemed to be pretty prepared for this.

We’ve prepared a months worth of freezer meals so for dinner all he has to do is throw the DISPOSABLE tin in the oven and walk away for a few hours.

We have more than enough disposable dishwasher.

We have a dog he needs to feed and take out in walks with the kids.

Her husband can’t deal with it.

Today he came to me crying saying it was all too much and he couldn’t do this by himself.

I reminded him that he agreed to it and I have to go back to work shortly after the 5-5-5 is up, so I need to be as rested and healed as possible so I can better perform tasks at work then come home and perform tasks as well.

He begged me to help out with our son who will not sit still and help with light cleaning (wiping countertops, gathering clutter into a pile, etc.)

I again said no, I am entitled to rest and I will help around the house in eight days.”

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She’s well within her rights, here.

Sadly, though, I don’t think her husband’s protests are all that uncommon.

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