May 25, 2024 at 2:22 pm

This Woman Was Told She Needs To Pay Back More Than $2,000 In Food Stamps, And People Can’t Believe It

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@samikatherinee

Well, this sounds pretty controversial…

A woman named Sami posted a video on TikTok and sounded off about something that threw her for a loop: she said that she got a letter from the U.S. government telling her that she owes them over $2,000 for overpayment to her from the food stamp program called SNAP.

Sami said she used SNAP for years until she recently landed a job where she makes enough money to stop using the program…and that’s when she got the bad news…

Sami got a letter from the U.S. government saying she owes them $2,095.

“What the ****? They also don’t give any options for like payment plans on here…They didn’t tell me why—they were just like, ‘Oh, just pay this balance or it’s gonna get taken out of your next year’s tax return.’”

Source: TikTok/@samikatherinee

Sami continued, “Most people who have food stamps are not well off enough to even be paying 2,000. Most of them don’t have $2000 in their bank account, I know I sure as h*** don’t.”

She added, “since when did food stamps become a loaning service? Since when do I have to pay this **** back?”

Source: TikTok/@samikatherinee

In her caption, Sami wrote, “Idk it feels a little predatory. Why are we bailing out billionaires & then demanding poor people pay back their government aid?”

Good question…

Source: TikTok/@samikatherinee

Check out her video.


idk it feels a little predatory… why are we bailing out billionaires & then demanding poor people pay back their government aid???? tf #fyp #foodstamps #calfresh #oc #capitalismsucks #eattherich #storytime

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Here’s how TikTokkers reacted.

This person didn’t hold back.

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Another viewer had some advice.

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And this TikTok user said they’ve heard about this before.

Source: TikTok/@samikatherinee

Sounds pretty unfair to me.

I would have a heart attack!