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Young Man Was Devastated After Losing His Sister, But When His Father And His Former Mistress Pushed Family Therapy… He Told Them To Back Off

by Chris Allen

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Losing a loved one is about as difficult a thing one can go through – especially if it’s someone like your big sister.

They’re your rock, your confidant and best friend.

You look up to them in the best of times and when you’re low in the worst.

So when they’re taken away from you at a young age, it’s staggering beyond belief.

But what if you also have to deal with family drama on top of that?

This story is one of those.

AITA for refusing therapy with my dad and his wife?

My sister passed a few months ago and life has been rough since.

We were really close and I miss her like crazy. I (15m) hate knowing she’s going to miss the rest of her life.

She was only 17 and it was really sudden that she became so sick so it was all really fast and unexpected.

But the fallout has been s****y as well and that’s what all of this is about.

He explains why it got so contentious in the hospital.

When my sister heard she was dying and when she was in the hospital, she refused to let dad’s wife come see her.

Our dad cheated on mom with his wife. That was 10 years ago. We knew about it and never really forgave him or accepted her.

So when she was dying she didn’t want her there at all. But was willing to have dad there because despite everything she does love him.

Dad pleaded to let his wife in and his wife cried a lot that she didn’t get to see her and say goodbye.

Now he’s left with her own emotions, and he explains how tough it’s been.

When my sister was gone it was even tougher because they looked to me to be closer to them after that but it made me less close and I don’t want his wife anywhere near me.

I really don’t care about her hurt or heartache. She’s not important to me.

And dad p****d me off more because he dumped a lot on me the first few weeks after.

Then therapy was brought up, but it got even worse.

They want us to do family therapy and I was like no way.

My dad told me it was important to pull together as a family in the aftermath of a death and hurt like that.

I told him then it would be him, mom and me, not him, his wife and me.

This made her cry and my dad got emotional about it too.

He told me it tore him apart to know my sister spent her final days with so much hate about the past and holding such a big grudge that she refused to let his wife in.

He told me she also said some stuff to him and he wanted to talk about it in therapy with us there.

He stood his ground in a really really difficult time, amidst so much pressure.

I told him I don’t want him dumping more on me and I don’t want to hear about their experiences after this. I told him I heard enough of his when we first lost my sister.

Dad told me I was being stubborn for no reason and really hurtful. He told me I had no problem going to the therapist my mom sent me to after my sister died.

I told him I talk to the therapist alone and that makes it different.


Let’s see what folks had to say about such a sad situation.

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And this commenter said the dad has ZERO right to lecture anyone.

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Could you even imagine?

What an absolute nightmare of a hand.

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