May 27, 2024 at 6:32 am

Woman Swears She Can Tell Whether Your Over Thirty Or Under, And All She Has To Do Is Check Out Your Socks

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@bikerbiddie

The sleuths of age-guessing are truly impressive.

They’re not far off from Sherlock Holmes, in fact.

And Paige on TikTok has a pretty amazing way to spot the difference between someone over 30 years old, and someone under.

Source: TikTok/@bikerbiddie

The stitched video starts off with the question,

“What is one thing that would indicate you’re in your 30s .”

Paige then comes out with the story of a woman who asked her to guess her age.

Source: TikTok/@bikerbiddie

She had an idea in mind, maybe 25 or 26?

But then immediately nailed it!

The woman asked,

“That is correct, how did you guess that, usually people say a lot younger?”

Source: TikTok/@bikerbiddie

She had one reply for her beguiled and befuddled personage:

ANKLE socks, baby.

Check out the full video!


#stitch with @Ashley Tea

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Let’s see if folks agreed with this assessment.

One person, 22 said aaaaabsolutely not.

Source: TikTok/@bikerbiddie

While this person said ain’t no way we’re giving them up!

Source: TikTok/@bikerbiddie

This person completely agreed, we’re not changing a thing.

Source: TikTok/@bikerbiddie

Apparently it’s always the socks.

It was a dead giveaway.