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His Dad Ignored His Advice On A Faster Route, So He Acted The Part Of The Petulant Child

by Ryan McCarthy

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Road trips are always some of the simultaneously best and worst memories from your childhood.

On one hand you have playing games like “Cows”, or the license plate game.

On the other hand you have one of your siblings having to use the bathroom every ten minutes!

And for the really bougie families, there was the minivan with the screen on the seat, so everyone could kick back and watch a movie!

But one thing is sure to ruin any road trip: bad directions.

And when this young man insisted that he knew a better route than his Dad, who ignored him, he figured he had the perfect revenge.

Check it out!

Are we there yet?

This was back in ’83 or ’84.

I was about 22 and one of my Christmas presents was defective and had to be sent to the manufacturer for replacement.

My Dad thought since it was only about a two hour trip at most and a nice day, we’d drive to the factory store and get a new one.

So off we went, me Mom & Dad. I knew the route well as I spent large parts of the last few summers at my buddy’s cabin in northern Illinois or going to concerts in southern Wisconsin.

OP knew the area so well, in fact, that he told his parents he knew better than their map!

So off we went with Mom holding the map…yes a paper map. After twenty minutes i told Dad I knew a better way, of course being a Dad he was always right.

“No son, the map says this is the best way.”

Frustrated, I waited a few more minutes. “But Dad that maps at least two years old”

“Its ok son this is the right way.”

After about another hour of telling Dad my way was better and him ignoring me I gave up.

Then i had a thought, you’re treating me like a child (the youngest of four) I’m going to act like a child.

And OP decided that he was going to be treated like a child, he was going to be the most annoying child possible!

 In my best little kid voice I said “ARE WE THERE YET?”

The look of fear and shock on my parents faces was priceless.

The rest of the trip I kept up a steady stream of the little kid car ride questions until we arrived, with Dad announcing “We’re here.”

My response? “I wanna go home.”

This was followed by a backhand to the face that came out of nowhere, just like when I was little.

Not enough to really hurt of course. Basically just a tap. It came as a surprise, just like when I when I was little.

But OP had the last laugh when he insisted on driving home…

While in the store I talked Dad into letting me drive home . He was shocked when I turned into the nice, semi-new four lane road.

“Dang son, when did they build this?”

I just laughed and kept driving.

“Sometimes father isn’t right.”

Dad gave me nasty look and Mom laughed in the back seat.

I know OP’s Dad was kicking himself on the way back, sometimes the best knowledge comes from unexpected places!

Reddit loved OP’s story, and many people were reminded of their own childhood road trip routines.

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To be fair, any amount of time over four hours in a car with your family is enough to make anyone crazy!

But most of us would go back to being the kid if we could.

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