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When Insufferable Roommate Refuses To Move Out, Man Crafts Up A Hilarious Ad To Drive Her Away

by Ryan McCarthy

Geese Thumb When Insufferable Roommate Refuses To Move Out, Man Crafts Up A Hilarious Ad To Drive Her Away

Anyone with roommates understands one thing perfectly: how nice it is to live alone!

Even with friends you’ve known for years, living together can soon turn even the strongest relationships contentious.

The littlest things turn into blowout fights: vacuuming late at night, whose turn it is to take out the trash, or even how loud your footsteps are!

This user learned that firsthand when his friends got an insufferable roommate who made them all miserable, so he used a hilarious ad with their phone number to get her to move out!

Check it out!

Geese for Sale

A group of my friends (3 guys 1gal) pooled in together to rent a house.

Now rentals in this college town, to college students, if you didn’t have the number of people to fill what the landlord wanted in the rental you had three options.

You could pay more rent each, desperately try to find another person, or have the landlord find another person to fill the slot.

My friends decided to ask amongst friends & acquaintances to find the last person.

When someone was suggested, they decided to meet and see if they matched the group dynamic…

This person (gal) knew some of the others, but not all, so they did a meet & greet so everyone could see if this person might vibe.

This gal was like: “Oh yeah, I’m the chillest person, you wouldn’t even know I’m there.

I have a kid, but they live with their dad & I’d do visits out of house cause don’t want to put that on everyone else….” You get the idea.

A few weeks into the rental, they soon realized she wasn’t quite as “chill” as she said she was…

Well, a few weeks in this roommate started acting like a prison Warden.

They demanded the ‘attic’ bedroom solo to be away from noise or talking, but anytime of day would complain even if people were whispering anywhere.

They left their room door and the door at bottom of stairs open, which was in living room. This created a direct noise tunnel, and she would never shut either (‘I hate feeling closed in’).

She would never study at library or out of house, so 24hr quiet hours were demanded!

Soon she decided she wanted her visitation to occur in her room, but had some peculiar rules…

And then they decided that they didn’t want to do visitation with their kid out of house, if they had a visit they demanded everyone else be vacant from the house.

Didn’t want ex to know guys lived at house either, everyone had to keep everything out of common rooms & must have their doors shut.

So say it’s 10PM on a Saturday & a group of us were just hanging out playing RISK, chilling with some beers, and being pretty laid back, except for a few moans or laughs from the game?

This person would yell down from their room about how dare we make such noise! It needs to stop!

Oh and the phone was put on a long cord, up the stairs to their room (before cells all around) so they could always answer it 1st In case it was their ex.

So OP’s friends were relegated to hanging out in the only room in the house far away enough from the attic to not bother their crazy roommate…

The only room anyone could be in & chill, which is what we did as a group anyway, was the “warm, soft, fuzzy room”.

It was a back bedroom on 1st floor which didn’t have anything above it and was 2 rooms away from the living room.

We could listen to music, low enough we could all talk comfortably still, and was 90s so many of us smoked, we had to keep door shut or the house-nazi would yell.

We had to keep the door shut and  window cracked, and it quickly became the common room.

Poor person whose room it was put a set of shelves up next to bed so could sleep while others hung out. Even had a couch & 2 comfy chairs in room.

But the crazy roommate didn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon…

After this went on all fall, and the others trying to convince this person to move out and let another friend move in, nerves were frayed.

Couldn’t even have a study session or talk on the phone without this person freaking out. It was miserable for the other 4.

So I took it upon myself to help my friends reclaim their home and get a different roommate in.

And OP had just the plan to force this nutbag out of the house!

I went to the student newspaper and placed an ad:

Geese for sale, lots or singly, call xxx-xxxx after 10 PM ask for xxxxx. Since they demanded to answer every call themselves, they got every call.

Then there were the calls during the day, which roommates dutifully took & gave to them the messages, since all callers were asking for them.

With no geese to sell to these eager geese buyers, the insane roommate slowly started to go insane!

They asked the student newspaper who placed the ad, but it refused to give out a students private information.

They couldn’t get the number changed because phone wasn’t in their name.

So they finally decided to give in to the other 4 and move out rather than ‘deal with this insane nonsense’.

I didn’t tell a soul until after they moved out just in case anyone would accidentally spill the beans & unwanted would know was all a prank.

Jeez, how many people were in the market for some pet geese? For the phone to be ringing all day, it must have been a pretty popular ad!

This story struck a chord for anyone whose dealt with a terrible roommate, myself included!

Goose Comment 1 When Insufferable Roommate Refuses To Move Out, Man Crafts Up A Hilarious Ad To Drive Her Away

This user said if he was living in that house, the crazy roommate wouldn’t have been the one running things.

Goose Comment 2 When Insufferable Roommate Refuses To Move Out, Man Crafts Up A Hilarious Ad To Drive Her Away

Finally, this user was wondering the same thing as me, which is why did they all need those geese so bad?

Goose Comment 3 When Insufferable Roommate Refuses To Move Out, Man Crafts Up A Hilarious Ad To Drive Her Away

Sounds like OP really got her goose!

Too on the nose?

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