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Woman Bought A Dress That Didn’t Fit Her Friend, But When That Same Friend Asked Her Not To Wear It To A Party At Her House, She Ignored Her Request

by Trisha Leigh

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Being a good friend might not always be convenient, but it’s also really not that hard.

For one thing, if a friend asks you in good faith to not do a thing, you don’t do the thing.

This woman says her friend has gained weight and had a dress that didn’t fit. She liked it and bought it.

I, [23F] have a friend Sarah [24F]. Recently Sarah has gained some weight, and so brought some new clothes.

I met her this week and she was complaining about how she had tried on a dress and it hadn’t fit, however she wasn’t able to return it as she had waited a day too long.

I agreed that was annoying, but the dress looked cute and I didn’t think it should go to waste, so I offered to buy it from her.

She agreed, it was a little big in places but I really liked how it looked and it’s probably one of my favorite dresses.

Then, when she was getting ready to wear the dress to a party at her friends’ house, she texted and asked her not to.

On Friday Sarah was hosting a birthday party for her boyfriend Sam [25M], most of the other girls were wearing dresses, I decided to wear the dress I brought from Sarah as no one else has seen it yet and it was cheaper than buying a new dress.

Before I left I took a photo with some of the other girls who were coming, Sarah messaged me asking if I could please not wear that.

She had a good reason, but the poster ignored her.

Turns out she hadn’t brought it from the shop, it was actually a gift from Sam and she didn’t want to tell him that it didn’t fit.

This dress was much more expensive then she had told me and come from a specific designer.

At this point we were all about to get in my friends car, and I wasn’t about to tell them to wait for me, so I just went and acted like I hadn’t seen the message.

It caused a whole scene in which she also refused to leave her friends’ house when asked.

When we got there, Sarah took me aside and told me she would give me a lift home to change, I said no and she told me to leave.

At this point I was annoyed, I said it was Sam’s birthday and if he had an issue he could say.

Later that evening he complimented the dress and said it was just like one he had brought Sarah not that long ago for their anniversary, at that point she said she wasn’t feeling well and went upstairs.

She doesn’t think she did anything wrong.

She messaged me this morning calling me a b***h and an a******e, I feel like I should’ve been more considerate, AITA?

I have a feeling Reddit is about to set her straight.

The top comment says the poster has to know she was wrong.

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This person thinks her friend should have been more up front from the start.

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And this commenter is wondering whether or not they are actually friends at all.

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Changing should have been the easiest thing to do.

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This poster definitely seems to be lacking empathy.

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Wow, this is just rude and a half.

With friends like this, who needs enemies?

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