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A Neighbor Made A Rude Comment About Their Dogs, So They Messed With Her Car For Weeks Just To Annoy Her

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash

Talk trash on a person’s dog, you better believe that they’re gonna get some kind of revenge on you.

And you can take that to the bank!

Check out what this person did after someone went too far when it came to their dogs…

Hubcap Revenge.

“Back in 2007, I moved into this condo on Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa.

It’s a pretty swanky area, and I snagged a two-bedroom for a sweet price that needed some TLC, which I planned on tackling with my stepdad’s help.

Now, the building was mostly filled with retirees and their tiny dogs. But I had two big-hearted golden retrievers named Harry and Blakely.

There were some rules to follow…and there was a problem.

Before I could set foot in the place, I had to go through the whole song and dance with the HOA, and that’s when Carol came into the picture.

Misery incarnate with a hairpiece so bad it should’ve just come with a chin strap and a permanent scowl that looked like a largemouth bass hybrid with a Golden Girl.

That was Carol.

She had it in for my dogs from the get-go, even though they were old timers at 15 and 13.

Despite her efforts, I moved in. We kept to ourselves, but when Harry passed away, Carol said something that really got my blood boiling.

She went WAY too far.

The bylaws didn’t mention dog size when I got there, but that changed after I arrived and as a board member, her official comment later was, “Now we just wait for the other one to pass away, and then my nightmare will be over.”

That was just cold.

And I knew the only thing she loved was a town car with hubcaps that you could pop off without much effort.

Everyone in the building had their own parking spot, so I knew exactly where she’d be.

One morning, really early before heading to work, I grabbed a bunch of random junk—nuts, bolts, you name it—and went to Carol’s car in the hubcap interior, sealed in when the hubcap is replaced.

Here we go!

I popped off one of her hubcaps, threw in a handful of metal scrap, and popped the hubcap back on.

Now, whenever Carol drove, it sounded like her car was grinding toasters under each corner of the vehicle that got angrier the faster she drove.

I kept this up for about six weeks, switching wheels and changing the contents so the noises would vary.

By the time she’d get to a mechanic, she’d have a whole list of different sounds to describe, with no idea that it was all thanks to her neighbor’s petty revenge scheme.

This was in the days before everyone had a camera on their phone ready to catch every little thing, so it was just her word against the mysterious car noises.

But I hope that while spending a few hundred dollars on a car diagnostic at least once that she at least injured herself once trying to explain it to the mechanic who probably got a good laugh out of the eventual find.

So eat a ****, Carol, hope you suffered financially, spiritually and eternally for disrespecting my Harry.”

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That noise must’ve driven her crazy!

I personally found this delightful.

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