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Pushy Real Estate Developer Is Trying To Get Them To Sell Their House, So They Asked If They’d Sell Their Kids And Pets To Them Instead

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash/@jacquesbopp

Man, talk about overstepping boundaries…

This here is why a lot of folks out there don’t like developers…because they try to bully homeowners and force them into selling their properties.

Did this person handle this situation the right way?

Get all the details below and see what you think.

AITA for not being nice to the people trying to force me to sell my home?

“A large company is trying to buy up all the houses in my area to turn it into a luxury resort with a golf course pool, and other things.

A few days ago I got a knock on my door and someone came over and she told me she was offering to buy my home, willing to give me 5% over “market value” (their ridiculous market value is less than I bought it for).

No way!

I politely said “No I’m sorry but I am not at all interested in selling my house, have a good day”.

She kept trying to sell the house and I told her have a good day. 3 days later she came back with a new offer, now 7.5% over market value. I said the same thing, please go away I am not interested.

Next day someone else called me, I just hung up on them. All of my neighbors have been getting the same thing, some are deciding to sell, but most are refusing.

That same lady comes over, I was outside doing yard maintenance and says “hello, good news we have a better offer for you, 12% over market value, that’s great isn’t it? Surely we can work something out.”

They decided to turn it around on her.

I then asked “do you have kids? A pet?”

She then responded back and said “I have a son and 2 cats, why?”

I then said “how much for your son? I’ll give you 15k for him, and 2k for both your cats”

She confused said “um those aren’t for sale”

I responded back “ok *******, neither is my house. I hope you understand now, get the **** off my property and never come back, you’re not welcome here or anywhere in this neighborhood.”

She said “listen I tried being nice to you, your house will be sold, and we will try other legal means to get your house”.

Me “did you not understand what I said? Get the **** off my property you ugly disgusting *****”

She left.

I’m scared that this company is going try to use eminent domain to force me to sell my house.”

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Some people just can’t take a hint…

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