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Rude Neighbor Told Them They Didn’t Want Them To Paint Their Shed A Particular Color…So They Went Ahead And Did It Anyway

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge/Pexels

Why do some people feel the need to tell others how to live their lives and what to do on their property?

It’s pretty obnoxious!

But this person and their partner decided they didn’t have to put up with their rude neighbor anymore, so they went ahead and did their own thing!

Check out what happened!

Petty garden revenge.

“A year and a half ago my partner and I bought our first home. It is a lovely little 3 bed semi attached with a front patio.

There is no back garden as a house is attached at the back. Since moving in it has been wonderful, all our neighbours are lovely and we have gotten on really well with them all.. well we have tried to.

There’s one issue.

Our neighbour next to us is slightly overbearing when it comes to what we do in our garden. There were 3 small trees on our side of the fence next to her side. When we moved in the only big plants in this patio area were.

3 trees, a row of conifers next to the road and gate to stop people looking in and a wisteria and on the front of the house.

The trees have over grown and dangling in her garden. We had just moved in and the first thing she said to us was that the trees need sorting. Not a problem, didn’t want to upset anyone so we cut them back and pulled all the branches off that dangled on her side.

At this point I got a bit snippy happy with the shears and cut the trees right down ( don’t worry they are fine and growing back upright and not out ) one of them was next to the shed and was tiny and not doing well so I decided to cut it down completely.

You know that didn’t go well.

It was about 4 ft tall so didn’t go over the fence. When she came back she leaned over the fence whilst we was in our garden and proceeded to try and calmly tell us that she has lost privacy in her garden (I say calmly she was almost spitting feathers through gritted teeth) we just said oh they will grow back and that we needed to clear it out as the wisteria was attaching its self to the tree and going up into the roof tiles.

“Well just don’t cut it anymore”. Okay once again been in the house 3 months and didn’t want to upset anyone.

At this point being a woman I knew what this other woman was like. My partner however didn’t get it. But this will change. At this time she asked us what we are going to do with the shed, now this garden shed is adorable.

She wasn’t done yet…

It had a little vine growing around the trim of the roof with flowers that dangle down all around it. So I wanted to paint it a sort of dark plum purple to make the white flowers pop even more, after I said this she said “oh you can’t paint it that colour, I will have to look at it. I think you should just leave it as it is or stain it the colour it is”.

Now I was spitting feathers but through a shut mouth. I couldn’t believe it. The audacity of someone telling me I can’t paint my shed a colour I want in my garden because she would have to see it .

The bit she would only see is the back of it as that sticks out above the fence and we can’t even get to it to paint. But again my partner said he didn’t want to upset the neighbours so we left it alone.

FAST FOWARD TO YESTERDAY. We had friends over cooking pizzas in the garden and have a good catch up. She has returned home and leaned over the fence again, she recently had some work done in her garden to drop the curb and give her self a little driveway, I said it looked really good and made small talk as she leaned over the fence.

My partner says to her that the fence between us needs cleaning, it’s gone green and we wanted to paint it. “WELL IT IS MY FENCE YOU KNOW” this sudden change in the tone was mental. My friends are just sat there staring at her and I’m feeling this sort of weird second hand embarrassment for her.

So my partner says that’s fine but can we clean our side of it with the karcher ? Her response “ I use a paint brush with bleach water to clean it so that’s how you can do it”my partner and her went back and forth about it in a calm ish manner but she was getting more irate and after noticing the air was getting more stale I said okay it’s getting cold to our friends let’s go inside .

She asked for it…

Once we got inside our friends instantly said “what a jerk” After this my partner said, what colour did you want the shed again?

So today we are going out to buy the most amazing shade of purple to paint the shed and I will wait till she is in to do it with my AirPods on full so I can’t hear her complaining.

I know it isn’t the best revenge but we have lived here for 1 1/2 years and now I finally get my pretty little shed.”

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