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A School Bully Made Her Run Without Her Inhaler, So She Added Glue To Her Lip Gloss To Take Revenge

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/Pexels

Some bullies are so mean that often times, we get compelled to get our revenge for what they did to us.

It’s normal to have grudges against someone who tries harming you for FUN.

Today’s story is about a girl who gets bullied and takes her revenge in the most bizarre way!

Does she regret it? Let’s find out!

Petty revenge of 8 year old me took a bigger turn that the one I expected.

When I was 8 years old, in my grade was another girl who was not liked by many peers.

She was mean and stuck up, and she would make some mean spirited pranks on others.

I was regularly on bad terms with her.

She got bullied by the bad girl in her school and decided to take action..

Once, I got very sick with a respiratory illness and needed a inhaler and rest, when allowed back to school, I was excuse from gym class and had my inhaler with me.

At the end of the day, the girl took my inhaler and told me she’ll give it back if I ran 5 times around the football field, which I did.

I ended up crying as I couldn’t breathe properly.

She obviously had a lot of hatred for the mean girl!

My mom called her mom to tell her about the prank and she got grounded but it wasn’t enough for me and decided to go for an indirect vengeance.

This girl loved makeup, she would steal it from others girls and say she found it around.

I had a set of lipgloss I was given for my birthday, but wasn’t allowed to used it.

You won’t believe what she did next! It is CRAZY!

I took the pink one and emptied half of it. I refilled it with a bright pink nail polish, one that was very hard to get off and usually left the nails tainted for many days.

I also put some glue droops in it, and mixed it all together.

Next day, I put the lipgloss next to the girl’s backpack when no one was looking. She found it, claimed it was hers as she found it on the floor and put it on her lips.

The plan worked and the mean girl did exactly what she was expected to do.

Now, my evil childish plan was that the lipgloss wouldn’t come off easily and that she’ll be scolded by teachers and her mom, as the schools had a no makeup policy.

But she got her lips stuck together as we were quite in an hour long class and she was sitting in the back.

At the end of the class she started to freak out and cry with her mouth shut close.

The teacher send her to the nurse who used alcohol and some nail remover in a cotton (I never understood what was she thinking) to remove the lipgloss, which worked but left her lips badly cracked, terrible red and sore.

That must have been so PAINFUL!

For the next few weeks she had problems with her lips as she still tried to have chips and salty snacks, which caused a lot of pain, and she was upset about the look of her mouth.

To top it all, she was scolded for using the lip gloss at school.

This girl got away with her revenge scheme!

No one tracked the lipgloss back to me, it was left as someone just lost a toxic and cheap lipstick and the girl just took it.

The rules became more strict about not bringing makeup to school.

That was some revenge to have on an eight year old!

But since there was no permanent damage done, it’s pretty epic.

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That was one ENTERTAINING story!

It’s very telling how pretty much everyone was happy to see the bully struggle.

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