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An Annoying Inspector Changes Everything At Work, So These Officers Collaborate To Make His Life Impossible

by Sarrah Murtaza

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Everyone can deal with an annoying supervisor when they have crime partners and a team to collaborate with.

This officer had to deal with an over compulsive inspector at work but he got his way around it with people at work who shared the same feelings.

Let’s check out the full story.

Fill out these logs exactly

Hello reddit users,

My malicious compliance.

Many years ago I was working in my states Police department. We got a new Inspector at the station & he wanted to chart what all the sections of the station did & instituted a daily diary where we had to put in & account for every minute of the shift.

The new inspector was a pain.

Lots of grumbling from the troops over the next few weeks. The inspector would go off about the forms not being recorded properly every day at change of shifts & the said that there would be consequences if they did not truly reflect what we did.

I spoke to my shift & cue Malicious Compliance.

I used to get into work 30 odd minutes early to fuel the car, gather my crime fighting kit, wash the car & prepare for the shift. Now I didn’t do this until the minute my shift started.

This officer had a plan in mind

I would then complete these tasks after having started, then calibrate the radar, see what blackspots were to be targeted for day, look at work emails, review the previous night’s occurrences & a myriad or other things before heading out onto the road.

Now on each & every thing I did I would record it precisely. Even recording the record on the record.

He was very particular with the records.

Each traffic stop, each job, stopping to give directions or advice would go on the sheet. Then I would return to the station for lunch, normally I would grab it on the go or eat it in my car.

But hey he wants the official days duties. Our employment law required that each officer was entitled to 1 half hour uninterrupted meal break each shift after 5 hours of duty. The inspector trying to make the station more efficient started to roster meals before this time.

Inspector started messing with the lunch breaks.

Boss tried to order us to take our meals as recorded on the roster, we all disregarded it & took our meals after the 5 hours.

At the end of the day we attached the industrial award to the daily record & wrote as per industrial law meal break taken at 1st possible time after 5 hours. He went off & threatened us to take the meals as written or write ups would happen.

There were consequences..

That was reported to the union who threatened industrial & legal action which he would be personally responsible for. He was forced to rescind that threat.

So, he gave up on that & doubled down on the daily reporting writing officers up for non-compliance. I told them all I was doing & the single page issued at the beginning of the shift was now 3 to 4 pages long, each & every day for 80 officers for 3 shifts.

Power move!

We swamped him with the information.

In addition, if a job was broadcast we were forced to abandon our meal break & attend to the job. Most times we could not return to finish our meals so often went hungry.

Now the other part of our meal break rule was that if we did not have a full 1 half hour uninterrupted meal break, then we would be paid the whole meal break.

The boss had a habit of going into the meal room to have a b***h, complain or harass the officers in there. So, when he did this it was recorded as an interruption.

Things got bad..

After a few weeks productivity was down, hours wasted, his budget being blown out as he had to pay for interrupted lunch breaks which he then denied payments until the union lodged a court injunction & took the Police department to court for each & every single breach for each person & shift.

This amounted to hundreds of matters & thousands of dollars. He said all the daily reporting logs with our interrupted meal breaks were somehow lost. That’s ok the union says, here are the copies taken.

He argued that they were done after the court date & were false. But everyone also took copies after they were lodged with his admin assistant with his received stamp on it.

Everything started falling in place

Fail for him, the departments solicitor approached the union with an offer for us to withdraw the matter, they offered 25% of what we were owed & all the reprimands would be lifted. It was rejected & the full 100% was demanded & the reprimands totally withdrawn & deleted from the records.

His honor ruled in our favor in every single matter. We were all awarded out meal money & compensation for the time wasted with the department fighting this all the way. He was directed him to pay when claimed & all reprimands deleted immediately or penalties would be issued.

He got himself in trouble.

He had 2 days to comply.

This was Friday afternoon, so he had the weekend to get rid of them. Took him until 9pm Sunday night to do it & he wasn’t paid for the time.

As we swamped his in tray with over 160 pages of daily work sheets each & every shift every day (that’s at least 480 pages a day of compliance. He then tried to demand that we only put serious issues down, we all refused as he had already informed us all that if we did not put everything down, we would be charged with disobedience.

They kept countering him.

But if we followed his new order, we would be disobeying his previous order. He then threatened to charge us all with disobedience if we did not do the new rule.

The sergeants sent all this to the union with the threats & to his boss & his boss’s boss. Wouldn’t you know several days later all his daily reporting sheets were not to be used any longer.

They wanted to take some action

Apparently, the union sat down with the district command bosses & let them know that this would be a continuing matter if the inspector was not moved & that their own positions were now up for review of the mismanagement they allowed & the fine the department received from court.

The commissioner of Police was notorious for terminating those who stuffed around with the troops & dragged the department into court for mismanagement.

They had enough.

They had already been embarrassed in court, had the Police department receive court costs & fined for the breaches & could see another court appearance looming & saw the damage he was doing to the station & promptly transferred him to the district office where he could not supervise anyone.

His contract was not renewed 8 months later & left the department. Those who had known the inspector say he had no idea what problems he caused & was just trying to make the organization more efficient.

When they told him how much he made things worse he just said that the troops never minded missing lunch or eating in the cars before.

And then the verdict.

They told him that his demand to strictly follow policy alienated everyone & to put another daily reporting sheet on top of the departments official daily diary was just superfluous. At the end of the day he had no clue why he lost his job.

There were many other stupid things he did like not issuing pens until the ones we had were fully out of ink so we had no pen to sign the requisition & his admin staff were instructed not to lent pens out to sign or we could buy a pen from them.

And then the awaited conclusion.

The exemption to the rule that if it was lost we could get another one.

Cue more malicious compliance.

Yikes! That was an elaborate story!

Cops are tangled between politics a little too much!

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Sometimes malicious compliance can be a life saver!

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