June 2, 2024 at 12:33 pm

Boston Dynamic’s Robot Dog Now Has Hair And It’s Actually Kind Of Cute And Terrifying At The Same Time

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Twitter/Boston Dynamic

When Boston Dynamic revealed their robot dog a while back, people were both impressed and wary, because honestly, we haven’t exactly been conditioned to trust robots.

That said, they’re pressing forward and hoping that a little fur might make it seem less robot and more dog.

The company recently released a video of the Spot Mini robot dog dressed in a fur costume.

They said the “custom costume” was meant to “explore the intersections of robotics, art, and entertainment.”

Source: Twitter/Boston Dynamic

I’m not going to lie. It’s honestly kind of horrifying.

And the internet doesn’t necessarily disagree.

“Everybody wants to pet the dog until its neck extends four feet.”

I mean, we don’t need to invent dogs, right?

We’ve already got the amazing original at our beck and call.

Boston Dynamics hasn’t really said much about the purpose of this new nightmare invention. It can dance, it can shimmy along with the original iteration, and they can even touch noses.

So can my warm, breathing, un-creepy dogs at home!

Some wonder if the novelty could be in introducing “Sparkles” to real life dogs to gauge their reactions.

“I want a whole season of ‘dogs reacting to Sparkles.'”

I’ll tell you this for free – I don’t think real dogs should feel threatened.

Not one single bit.

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