June 10, 2024 at 10:28 am

Former McDonald’s Employee Spills The Tea About How They Game Customer Feedback. – ‘You know what they had us do in our free time?’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@kaisbubbletea

Fast food workers have to put up with a lot of headaches on the job from customers, but it sounds like the inner workings of some of these places cause a lot of stress, too.

That’s according to a former McDonald’s worker named Kai who posted a video on TikTok to sound off against her old employers.

Kai told viewers, “They never told me I was fired. I showed up for when I’m usually scheduled, right? And they just go, ‘Oh.’ Everyone just looks at me like, like, ‘Oh, you’re not on the schedule.'”

Source: TikTok

Kai continued, “I want to hear it from my boss herself. I want to hear it from at least someone who’s kind of a manager. Like, tell me straight to my face, like, ‘Oh, you’re fired’— but I think they’re too scared because like, why would you not tell me that I’m being let go? You know what I mean?”

And she wasn’t done yet…

Kai accused the restaurant of child labor and blasted them for not paying employees on time or allowing them to utilize direct deposit for their paychecks.

Source: TikTok

She added, “You know what they had us do in our free time? We would collect receipts, and then they had us fill out the surveys from the customer receipts and just say, like, ‘Oh, this place was amazing.’ That’s what we would do when it was slow. And it’s because their reviews are so ****** that they have to do that. They have to artificially make it so that their location is kind of cool.”

Kai also said that her managers told employees to work even if they suspected they were sick with Covid. She said, “This is a food establishment. You’re working with food.”

Source: TikTok

Take a look at what she had to say.


OMG AND THEY LIED ABT THE COSTUME CONTEST I DRESSED UP AS HELLO KITTY FOR NOTHING anyway yall my mcdonald’s era is officially over 👵🏼🍳

♬ original sound – Kai

Kai posted a follow-up video and said that, because her previous video went viral, things got ugly.

She said, “I think I got a lot of people fired, including myself. There is so much more going on than I thought.”

Kai added, “While I don’t care about this job, I know that other people do, so this is just so wrong on so many levels. And I want to make it right.”


Replying to @Shishter #greenscreen last update until i get this sorted bc this 💩 is so messed up. like idgaf abt myself but i never wanted to cost anyone their jobs. on the bright side, my manager finally responded and agreed to meet with me

♬ original sound – Kai

And this is what people said on TikTok.

This viewer said this was probably a good thing.

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Another individual thinks they know what’s really going on here…

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And one viewer has been there before…

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That sounds like a pretty terrible work environment!

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