June 4, 2024 at 7:18 pm

Guy Running A Yard Sale Screwed Them Over, So They Took Down All His Signs On The Road So No One Knew About The Sale

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge/Unsplash/@lvillafranca

Drama seems to be inescapable on the pages of Reddit…and this story is no exception!

Check out what this person did when they got the short end of the stick at a yard sale.

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Yard Sale Drama.

“I’m a big fan of yard sales and go to them every weekend.

Recently I went to one and made a pile of stuff that I was planning to buy and came to an agreement on price.

I asked the seller if it was okay if I left the pile of stuff off to a separate corner so that I could shop around some more to add to the pile to buy. He said that was fine and suggested that he could bundle in more stuff with whatever else I find. In the yard sale world, you don’t touch someone else’s pile.

There are rules about this stuff!

While I was shopping which was within 5 minutes of talking to the seller, someone else asked the seller about the stuff and the seller allowed the buyer to purchase my pile of stuff.

I get back and ask the seller where the pile was and he says he already sold it to someone else. I reminded the seller that it was my pile and he had already agreed to let me buy the stuff after I shopped around some more.

What a jerk!

He shrugged, laughed, and said it wasn’t his problem. I put the other items I was planning to buy back and drove away back towards the road.

At the end of his driveway, I tore down all of his yard sale signs. His driveway is very long and it’s impossible to see the sale from the road so he will have less/no buyers.”

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I have a feeling that the yard sale wasn’t a big success…

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