June 10, 2024 at 1:38 am

Her Elderly Neighbor Wasn’t Being Taken Care Of By Her Son, So She Decided To Call Social Services

by Matthew Gilligan

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Stories like this always depress me…

When old people are not taken care of properly by their family members, what are bystanders supposed to do about it?

Well, this woman decided she’d had enough and she made a call about an elderly neighbor who needed help.

Did she take things too far?

Check out what she had to say and see what you think.

AITA for calling social services about my elderly neighbor?

“I (50yF) has a elderly neighbor (83yF). She lives alone but her son (60yM) comes to check on her a couple of times a week.

Just for context I and my DH (49) are retired early and financially comfortable. Also for context I am black woman and my elderly neighbor is white.

So to my issue. My elderly neighbor has a lot of health issues which causes limitations. She can’t cook for herself, she can’t clean, she’s incontinent and soils herself regularly.

She’s trying to do the right thing.

Her son lives 2 hours away and only visits at the most 2 times a week. I took it upon myself to take care of my neighbor.

I go to her house every morning to administer her meds and make her breakfast. I make sure that she does her physical therapy exercises, buy her groceries at our expense.

Sometimes I even stay over at her house if she’s feeling particularly bad that day. One day I noticed a camera inside of her house and I asked her son about it when he dropped by. I thought that maybe he put it there to watch her in real time in case anything happens to her.

But nope, he told me that he put it there to make sure that no one took advantage of her or stole from her. I am the only person who goes to her house.

She wasn’t cool with this.

I told him that I was uncomfortable with him spying on me and he got upset and told me not to ever come to his mother’s house again and that he’ll come over daily to help her (he lives 2 hours away and works), so I complied.

It was hard but I don’t want legal issues.

So we noticed that he hadn’t been to check on her for about 2 days so at the risk of being arrested I went to check on her and she was hungry and sitting in her own filth so I called adult services and they now have him under investigation for elderly neglect and I have been appointed her caregiver until everything is sorted out.


His wife keeps calling me telling me that I’m ruining her husband’s life and he could lose his job and license.

He is a LPN. Another neighbor said that I could have handled it better by calling him.

My elderly neighbor told me that he said that he didn’t mean any harm by recording me and that he’s had some bad experiences with black employees and he was just trying to protect himself. Not her but him.

She doesn’t think like that but her husband did.

AITA for calling AS or should I have called him first?”

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This situation is just SAD.

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